Driving on Muddy Roads

Fr. Dwight Longenekker has a way of identifying the kernel of certain issues that makes me sometimes suspect he has x-ray vision. For example, let’s ask a question that may rile some people because it pre-supposes failure of an endeavor dear to many hearts: Why will the “new evangelization” fail? Right. It makes one angry because it seems to pre-suppose failure. But read on:


Anyone who’s ever got their pick-up stuck on muddy Georgia roads knows full well that back is very often the best forward. In fact, pursued as a default setting, forward is not only no improvement of the situation, but it could get you so stuck you have to go get somebody with a tow chain to pull you out.

If the new evangelization accelerates a forward push in the now-orthodox de facto demythologization movement (the muddy road in which we’ve become mired), it will fail. And just who will be willing to loan us a tow-chain? That media-hyped world we think we can save if we just get media-hyped enough? That laid-back world we plan to save by our seeming acceptance of whatever-floats-your-boat?  

What (Who) are we about? Is it not worth backing up and remembering? When you’re stuck in the mud, it’s best not to attempt forward until you go back….  

Dena Hunt
Dena Hunt is the author of the award-winning historical novel Treason (Sophia Institute Press), and The Lion’s Heart (Full Quiver Press), as well as several short stories and reviews, online and in print, at Dappled Things, StAR, and The Pilgrim Journal. She also writes for FaithCatholic, a liturgical publication company. She is currently working on her third novel. She is the book review editor of St. Austin Review.

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