Faith and Physics: Fr. LeMaître and the Big Bang
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Faith and Physics: Fr. LeMaître and the Big Bang

November/December 2017: Faith and Physics: Fr. LeMaître and the Big Bang

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Father Georges LeMaître: Introduction to a Great Priest-Cosmologist – John Beaumont

In 2015 I was privileged to be able to contribute to a special issue of StAR devoted to the late and great priest physicist, Father Stanley Jaki, OSB, with whom I had the great fortune to work for five years, from 2004 until his death in 2009. In that issue of StAR I both wrote an article and helped to edit a number of others written upon various aspects of Father Jaki’s work. Now, I have been again fortunate, thanks to the generosity of the editor of StAR, Joseph Pearce, in being able to help to put together a series of articles on another great priest scientist, Father Georges LeMaître and his outstanding achievement in formulating the Big Bang hypothesis. The year 2016 was the fiftieth anniversary of his death, so we are just behind with our tribute, but it is certainly one well worth making nevertheless.

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