The Witness & Wisdom of C. S. Lewis

The next issue of the St. Austin Review (May/June) is winging its way to the printer. The theme is “The Witness and Wisdom of C. S. Lewis”. Highlights:

Thomas Storck learns “Lessons from C. S. Lewis on Rationalism, Romanticism and Christendom”, applying those lessons to “Identity Politics, Western Culture, and Christian Faith”.

Aaron Urbanczyk conducts “An Experiment” on “C. S. Lewis and Literary Theory”.

Charlotte Ostermann sees “The Veiled Self” in C. S. Lewis’s Till We Have Faces.

Alex Markos ponders “Me, Myself, and the Cosmos” in relation to “C. S. Lewis and Human Autonomy”.

Jonathan Thorndike meets “Strangers in a Strange Land” in his discussion of “Horace Miner, C. S. Lewis and the Art of Satire”.

David Rozema admires “The American Inkling” in “Clyde S. Kilby and the Well of Wonder”.

Kevin O’ Brien dramatizes “Friendship and Conversion” in Tolkien and Lewis.

John Beaumont considers “C. S. Lewis, Manuel Alfonseca and the Trilemma”.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker goes with C. S. Lewis into “The Inner Ring”.

Fr. Benedict Kiely dwells on “Walsingham and the Love of God”.

Donald DeMarco finds “Echoes and Encores” in poetry and metaphysics.

Susan Treacy muses on “Epic Poetry and Opera”.

K. V. Turley finds “Curses and Magic in Night of the Demon”.

Kenneth Colston reviews Calm in Chaos: Essays for Anxious Times by Fr. George William Rutler.

Brian Welter reviews Cathedrals of Britain: North of England and Scotland by Bernadette Fallon.

Melvin S. Arrington, Jr. reviews Two Wings: Integrating Faith and Reason by Clayton and Kries.

Donna Spivey Ellington reviews The Abolition of Woman: How Radical Feminism is Betraying Women.

Marie Dudzik reviews Humility Rules: Saint Benedict’s 12-Step Guide to Genuine Self-Esteem.

Roy Schoeman reviews The Conversion of Edith Stein.

Stephen Tomlinson reviews The Lion in the Wasteland: Fearsome Redemption in the Work of C. S. Lewis, Dorothy L. Sayers, and T. S. Eliot.

Plus new poetry by N. S. Boone, Chad Chisholm, David Lyle Jeffrey, Brendan D. King and Denise Sobilo.

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Joseph Pearce
Joseph Pearce is a Catholic author and biographer who has written about subjects as various as GK Chesterton, economics, and Shakespeare. His latest book, Race with the Devil, chronicles his conversion from racial hatred to Catholicism. He is also the Director of the Center for Faith & Culture and Writer-in-Residence at Aquinas College in Nashville as well as the editor of St. Austin Review.

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