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Dena Hunt's first novel, Treason (Sophia Institute Press), won the IPPY Gold Medal. Her second, The Lion’s Heart (Full Quiver Press), won the Catholic Arts and Letters Achievement award. Jazz & Other Stories, her third book, has just been published by Wiseblood Books. She is the book review editor of St. Austin Review.

At Last!


We have finally arrived, after two thousand years, at a truly sinless generation, one that is authorized by its own purity and perfection to throw as many stones as we like, at whatever object we like. Statues of saints, heroes, and even Christ himself, are toppled, broken, destroyed. No more need for churches—they can brought down [...]

At Last!2020-06-29T19:53:53-04:00

On Not Being Good Enough


Not too long ago, a friend made a remark to me, the implication of which I knew to be judgmental. Unlike me, my friend is very active in volunteering. He admires others who are also active and does not admire those who are not. That’s his standard. It’s a standard he applies to himself, but it’s [...]

On Not Being Good Enough2020-06-07T01:33:54-04:00



I have a neighbor and friend who brings me groceries during this pandemic. Today she squeezed in a grocery run between other errands, and we had a conversation when I picked up the groceries. She had to pick up grandchildren earlier, and I mentioned that she’s always having birthday parties, or celebrations of various occasions; she’s [...]


Lewisian Meditation


A friend sent me a C.S. Lewis quote the other day and it brought that venerable gentleman to mind. When I was first converted, I simply couldn’t get enough of this man, who was probably one of the greatest Christian apologists of the twentieth century. Possibly the greatest. That was quite a long time ago, when [...]

Lewisian Meditation2020-05-13T01:20:59-04:00

New Perspectives


We used to have a priest in our parish who habitually responded to any parishioner’s troubles or joys with the question: “Where is God in all this?” The effect of the question was an immediately altered perspective. It vaporized subjectivity, and from that changed vantage point, it called for an answer to the question itself. Some [...]

New Perspectives2020-03-18T23:46:15-04:00

About Dying


While this is not a popular subject, it may be an appropriate one for the season of sobriety. Not long ago, I made a will, an advance directive, a medical power of attorney, and a financial power of attorney. Since I have no family, I asked a deacon and trusted friend to be in charge of [...]

About Dying2020-03-10T23:32:57-04:00

The Song of Martha


The story of Martha and Mary in the Gospels has often been a means of self-identifying among Christians, not just for women but for men as well. The common wisdom is that we are all both Mary and Martha, but many of us know very well which of the two sisters we most resemble. I spent [...]

The Song of Martha2020-02-27T04:52:17-05:00



Every woman is a mother. It is not necessary to give birth to be a mother, nor is it necessary to adopt or foster children to be a mother. If you’re born female, you’re born a mother, and you’re going to mother someone or something. You have no choice in the matter—It’s like breathing. There are [...]


Loss and Gain


I’ve had at least one dog ever since the seventies, often as many as three but usually two. Because I did rescue, several of them did not have an especially long lifespan. I got them when they were sick or maimed, blind, deaf, or old, something that made them undesirable to others. There are eight graves [...]

Loss and Gain2019-12-17T04:43:05-05:00

It’s What You Give Up


A very long time ago when I was a grad student, the chair of our department was a man I much admired, not so much for his scholarly achievements as for himself. English Departments, at least back in those days, were full of crazy people. I was told by more than one faculty member that the [...]

It’s What You Give Up2019-11-28T21:35:21-05:00
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