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Dena Hunt's first novel, Treason (Sophia Institute Press), won the IPPY Gold Medal. Her second, The Lion’s Heart (Full Quiver Press), won the Catholic Arts and Letters Achievement award. Jazz & Other Stories, her third book, has just been published by Wiseblood Books. She is the book review editor of St. Austin Review.

A Bit Different


This is a photo, sent by a friend, of a gathering for prayer in Washington today. The gathering was called by Franklin Graham in an appeal to people to pray for our country. You probably won’t see it on the news. There was no violence, just prayer.

A Bit Different2020-09-29T02:16:29-04:00

A Lovely Afternoon


These past six months I have lived in isolation. No Mass, no shopping, no volunteer work, no social life. I am old, I have a serious respiratory illness for which I take a daily medication that suppresses the immune system. According to medical advice, I shouldn’t go anywhere public unless really necessary. A neighbor shops for [...]

A Lovely Afternoon2020-09-14T21:28:23-04:00

Secret Ballot


The news is horrifying. I would never have thought the United States could be in such disarray, such violent disarray. I lived through the sixties, but it wasn’t like this. Protests were actually protests and not riots, no real violence, no arson, no killing. And most important, no willful disobedience on the part of elected city [...]

Secret Ballot2020-09-04T22:38:32-04:00

Small Towns


I used to teach at a high school in a small, isolated rural town in Georgia. I arrived there already in my forties and already formed as an adult, not really subject to the formative process that I would have undergone if I’d been a new young teacher. People who visited there said it was like [...]

Small Towns2020-09-02T01:02:23-04:00

Standard English is White Supremacist?


 A recent issue of The College Fix reported an article from the Conference of College Composition and Communication in which five professors called for “black linguistic justice” and an end to the “white supremacy of standard English.” The article reported was titled: “This Ain’t Another Statement! This is a DEMAND for Black Linguistic Justice!” The writers wanted to “decolonize [...]

Standard English is White Supremacist?2020-09-23T18:11:02-04:00



Ms. Ann E.’s response to my post against capital punishment poses a theological argument to my own point of view. If this were a debate, she might be accused of “cherry-picking” sources, but it isn’t. In any case, a personal moral position must always yield to a theological one, and so I yield. But on July [...]


Against Capital Punishment 2


 Among those who read my post Against Capital Punishment, reactions were varied, but only in their disagreement. No one agreed with me. Some pointed to the most heinous crimes imaginable and asserted vigorously that such crimes deserved death, pointing out that the unbearable outrage is only mitigated by a death sentence. Others were against capital punishment, [...]

Against Capital Punishment 22020-08-04T00:11:35-04:00

Against Capital Punishment


I’m opposed to capital punishment. First, obviously, thou shalt not kill. Then, there’s the parable of the wheat and the weeds. (Leave the weeds; otherwise, you’ll hurt the wheat.) Put differently, if you destroy the bad, you destroy the good along with it. (Thank you, Nathaniel Hawthorne.) But there’s another reason, broader and deeper. I’ve noticed [...]

Against Capital Punishment2020-07-31T02:31:57-04:00

Parking Lot Conversations


Many years ago, there was a young man who started attending daily Mass while I was on summer break and able to go to Mass every day. Because he was a stranger, I started to watch him during the liturgy. It was clear that he was a new convert—very devout, reverent, and he often sat in [...]

Parking Lot Conversations2020-07-05T03:03:47-04:00

At Last!


We have finally arrived, after two thousand years, at a truly sinless generation, one that is authorized by its own purity and perfection to throw as many stones as we like, at whatever object we like. Statues of saints, heroes, and even Christ himself, are toppled, broken, destroyed. No more need for churches—they can brought down [...]

At Last!2020-06-29T19:53:53-04:00
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