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On the Other Side of the Microphone

In the latest of the weekly podcasts that I’m doing for Faith & Culture, the tables are turned as I become the one being interviewed instead of the one doing the interviewing. Noted theologian and author, Michael Barber, whom I’d interviewed earlier, took over the microphone and asked me about my own upbringing in England and my journey home to Holy Mother Church.

The Inner Sanctum: This Week’s New and Exclusive Content

The Inner Sanctum: This Week’s New and Exclusive Content

New exclusive content has been uploaded to the Inner Sanctum for subscriber-donors of my website,

This week’s new content includes:

The fifth Tolkien & Lewis audio lecture in a weekly 45-part series.

An article on the Stepford Servers, an unnerving robotic dining experience.

My musings on the sad sight of British writer A. N. Wilson’s “flailing in the fog of nonsense”.

My suggestions for further reading on Distributism, the economic and political creed of Chesterton and Belloc founded on the social teaching of the Catholic Church.