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The Joy of Great Books

Many years ago, Fr. Robert McTeigue and I were Faculty colleagues at Ave Maria University. Today he is doing splendid work as a producer and presenter on Catholic Radio. Here are the links to a live show I did with him on Friday, January 8th, when we discussed the art of writing and the joy of reading the Great Books:

Link to the broadcast as streaming audio, with resources list:

Atonal Music: In Memoriam

Once upon a time there was a type of music [sic] called the avant garde but it didn’t live happily ever after. In fact, it didn’t live for very long at all. Whether or not it could ever be considered alive, there is no doubt that it is now dead, except in the academy, which is the same thing. For those, like me, who celebrate the unlamented demise of atonal music, this short video will be music to your ears and will bring a smile to your face: