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Belloc for Billionaires

Some time ago I was asked to serve as “academic adviser” for a volume of the Children’s Literature Review (Gale Literary Criticism Series) on Hilaire Belloc. I’ve just received my gratis copy and was astonished to see that the retail price for the slim volume is a whopping $418. (Ten copies for me, please!) Obviously it is being marketed to college and university libraries only. Those wishing to read more literary criticism on the work of Belloc, and not just his children’s literature, including essays by noted Bellocians, such as Fr. Schall and Scott Bloch, as well as two essays of mine, one on his attitude to Fascism and the Jews, and the other on his wonderful book, The Four Men, have two options. If they are billionaires, they can reach for their wallets; if not, they should reach for their library cards!

Russia: Should We Give Peace a Chance?

Was President Trump a traitor for what he said at his meeting with President Putin in Helsinki, or was he a genuine peacemaker? Is Russia really the old Soviet Union in disguise, or is it a largely conservative and increasingly Christian country? These questions are addressed in my latest article for the Imaginative Conservative:

Can We Know Ourselves?

The ancient Greeks claimed that knowledge of the self was the beginning of wisdom. Polonius in Hamlet claimed that being true to ourselves was the most important thing in life. Chesterton, on the other hand, claimed that we can never know ourselves. Who is right? This question is tackled in an article of mine just published by Faith and Culture.