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Discussing Hilaire Belloc


Here's the radio interview on Hilaire Belloc that I recorded recently for Deal Hudson's radio show....

Discussing Hilaire Belloc2020-10-19T21:37:05-04:00

Johnny Tremain and Howard Roark


The year 1943 saw the publication of two American books about liberty.  Both books sold well at the time and are still in print, and two books could not be more different.  Both The Fountainhead, by Ayn Rand, and Johnny Tremain, by Esther Forbes, are novels describing struggles for freedom.  Only one reflects a moral compass [...]

Johnny Tremain and Howard Roark2020-10-10T18:34:52-04:00

Saint, Sinners and Suffering


How do saints and sinners respond to the mystery of suffering? What's the difference and what difference does it make?

Saint, Sinners and Suffering2020-10-12T19:03:05-04:00



In the New Oxford Review headlines today, Pope Francis is reported to have said that money is the “new idolatry”. I couldn’t help thinking what was new about that. Preachers of all sorts have said that ever since I can remember. “You cannot serve both God and mammon” is a Scripture we all must have heard [...]

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