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Join Me in Wonderful Kansas


I will be at the Prairie Troubadour Conference on February 12, giving a talk on Wonder. This particular date also happens to be my 60th birthday. Consider joining me for the conference, and perhaps the party!

Join Me in Wonderful Kansas2021-01-22T18:41:27-05:00



For the past few weeks I’ve had the pleasure and the privilege of reading and discussing with Father Fessio and Vivian Dudro the late Thomas Howard’s wonderful book Chance or the Dance? You are invited to join the discussion and can do so by simply clicking on the link below:

CHANCE OR THE DANCE?2021-01-20T21:54:12-05:00

Which Way is Heaven?


Where is heaven and how on earth do we get there? Is it in our hearts or our minds? Should we seek it in the stars? Is heaven somewhere in the heavens? Do we look for it at the rising of the sun or its setting? I address and seek to answer these beguiling questions in [...]

Which Way is Heaven?2021-01-20T21:46:10-05:00

Chesterton’s Pro-Life Anthem


Newly posted to the Inner Sanctum this week: In the Poem of the Week podcast Joseph Pearce discusses and recites Chesterton’s pro-life anthem “By the Babe Unborn” and also, in celebration of the feast of St. Agnes, he recites Tennyson’s “The Eve of St. Agnes”. Continuing the discussion of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, Joseph discusses the similar [...]

Chesterton’s Pro-Life Anthem2021-01-15T23:03:12-05:00

Arguing without Quarreling


Is it possible to argue without quarreling? Chesterton thought so and did so. He said of his relationship with his brother that they were always arguing but they never quarreled.  In this Chestertonian spirit, here is my effort to argue without quarreling:

Arguing without Quarreling2021-01-14T20:17:50-05:00

Prairie Troubadour Conference


I am excited to be one of the featured speakers at this year's Prairie Troubadour Conference in Fort Scott, Kansas, which is one of the most rambunctiously Chestertonian events on the calendar. The conference is organized by Daniel Kerr, a good friend who will be well-known to many people as one of the five Troubadours who [...]

Prairie Troubadour Conference2021-01-13T17:24:39-05:00

Tributes to Walter Hooper


A new audio tribute to Walter Hooper in which I was honoured to participate is now live and posted on social media. Apart from my own memories and appraisal of this great friend and champion of C. S. Lewis, there are contributions by many others who knew him, including Fr. Dwight Longenecker. My own contribution begins [...]

Tributes to Walter Hooper2021-01-12T15:45:43-05:00

Celebrating Father Fessio’s 80th Birthday


I was honoured to be asked to contribute to a video presented to Father Joseph Fessio, Founder of Ignatius Press, on the occasion of his 80th birthday. Others paying tribute to this great and courageous Jesuit include Cardinal Sarah, Cardinal Burke, Cardinal Pell, Scott Hahn, Tim Gray, Steve Ray, Michael O'Brien and many others. Those seeking [...]

Celebrating Father Fessio’s 80th Birthday2021-01-11T17:57:15-05:00
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