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Dena Hunt on Writing and Literature


The St. Austin Review has been blessed for many years to have Dena Hunt as our Book Review Editor. She is, however, also a highly respected writer and published novelist. We are delighted to see this interview with Dena, which we'd like to share with those wishing to learn from Dena's experience as a writer and college [...]

Dena Hunt on Writing and Literature2020-09-29T02:28:36-04:00

Banning Books and Burning Heretics


Freedom is inseparable from free speech. When we seek to “cancel” our neighbours, instead of loving them, we invite the tyranny born of hatred:

Banning Books and Burning Heretics2020-09-29T02:25:59-04:00

A Bit Different


This is a photo, sent by a friend, of a gathering for prayer in Washington today. The gathering was called by Franklin Graham in an appeal to people to pray for our country. You probably won’t see it on the news. There was no violence, just prayer.

A Bit Different2020-09-29T02:16:29-04:00

What’s New in the Inner Sanctum


Please consider supporting me and my work by becoming a subscriber to the Inner Sanctum of my personal website: this week and exclusive to Inner Sanctum members:My discussion and reading of Wordsworth's anti-secularist poem, "Ode to Duty".The latest instalment of our pilgrimage to Rome with Hilaire Belloc.My discussion of Homer's theology. To what extent can Homer's [...]

What’s New in the Inner Sanctum2020-09-17T20:22:52-04:00

Faith and Fairy Stories


What have faith and fairy stories to do with the real world? Are the truths to be found in fairy stories more real and practical than the sneer of the cynic or the promises of the politician? These questions are addressed in this essay of mine, just published by the National Catholic Register, in which I [...]

Faith and Fairy Stories2020-09-17T20:21:26-04:00

A Lovely Afternoon


These past six months I have lived in isolation. No Mass, no shopping, no volunteer work, no social life. I am old, I have a serious respiratory illness for which I take a daily medication that suppresses the immune system. According to medical advice, I shouldn’t go anywhere public unless really necessary. A neighbor shops for [...]

A Lovely Afternoon2020-09-14T21:28:23-04:00

Doctor WHO and Big Brother


There's something creepily Orwellian about the United Nations and those who advocate giving it more power:

Doctor WHO and Big Brother2020-09-14T21:26:51-04:00
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