Shakespeare and the Saints – in Spanish (Twice!)

A recent essay of mine on Shakespeare and the Saints, originally published in the Catholic Herald, has been republished twice by Religion en Libertad in Spain, in both its news and features sections. Spanish speaker might want to check them out:

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Back to the Future – A tribute to Cardinal Ratzinger, aka Benedict XVI
Gay History and the Pinking of the Bard – An exposé of the nonsensical efforts to brand Shakespeare as a homosexual.
Mea Culpa … but not Maxima Culpa – Continuing my discussion of Sir Kenneth Clark’s TV documentary series, Civilisation.
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My name is Babel

My name is Babel

I am multi-lingual. Because languages are realities, I perceive many realities. You learn a new language; you learn a new reality. And thus we know that reality is plural and not singular. We refer not to “reality” but to thisor that reality.

And because that is so, we can know—with comforting I-am-aware certainty—that there is no faith that is supreme. Faith is as multi-real as language. Thus I (and all those others like me who are also aware of this truth) do not tolerate intolerance.  Intolerance is the only sin. Nothing else. I don’t attend any church, mosque, or synagogue. They are all intolerant because they all believe their own faith is superior to others. I recognize no religion that does not give equal validity to every other religion, which of course, cancels out the validity of any religion.

That is not to say that I’m not a spiritual person. I am very spiritual! Indeed, I pray every day. I pray in mindful meditation or meditative mindfulness, and when I ask who he, she, or it is, I always receive an answer: “I am.” And that is how I know that I am God. Reality is what I think it is. It’s what you think it is. God is therefore—us.

We know we are God. We know there is no sin except intolerance. And we do not tolerate that.

My name is Babel.

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