True Love: Passionate Reason Versus Romantic Feelings
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True Love: Passionate Reason Versus Romantic Feelings

January/February 2018: True Love: Passionate Reason Versus Romantic Feelings

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Anna Karenina: A Story of Untrue Love- Mary Leonarczyk

Recently, with the 2012 movie adaptation of Anna Karenina having been released, there has been an increasing interest in Leo Tolstoy’s classic Russian novel of doomed romance. On the surface, the book tells the story of Anna’s tragic affair with Count Vronsky in the midst of a world where such conduct is socially condemned. Many modern critics laud it as an appraisal of hypo- critical moral boundaries and a standard of male dominance in nineteenth-century Russian culture. Anna herself is envisioned as a sort of tragic hero who defies her circumstances to be true to herself and her love. In short, the doomed love in the story is widely seen as a positive thing.

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True Love: Passionate Reason versus Romantic Feeling

The next issue of the St. Austin Review is winging its way to the printers. The theme of the January/February issue is “True Love: Passionate Reason versus Romantic Feeling”. Highlights include:

Christopher J. Carter connects “Eros and Fantasy” in his discussion of “Imagination and Seduction in Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra”.

Mary Leonarczyk sees Anna Karenina as “A Story of Untrue Love”.

Matthew Elam looks at “Love and Marriage in Chesterton’s Manalive”.

Stephanie A. Mann discovers “The Pattern of the Cross” in the movie, Green Dolphin Street.

Joel Sams discusses “Deep Down Things: Family Stability and the Rootedness of Love”.

Lisa Coutras considers “Arwen’s Choice: The Interplay of Love and Wisdom”.

Kevin O’Brien muses on “Love and the Meaning of Life”.

John Beaumont reveals the role of “Passionate Reason in the Conversion of Algernon Cecil”.

Ken Clark admires The Annunciation by Guercino in his series on Masterpieces in art.

Donald DeMarco asks the provocative question: “Can Vice be a Virtue?”

K. V. Turley sees “The Wages of Sin in Jean-Pierre Melville’s Doomed Universe”.

Susan Treacy waxes lyrical on “Real Music and Timeless Hymns”.

Fr. Benedict Kiely berates “The Culture of Fake News”.

Charles A. Coulombe reviews Contra Mundum: Joseph de Maitre and the Birth of Tradition.

Louis Markos reviews I Burned for Your Peace: Augustine’s Confessions Unpacked.

Mitchell Kalpakgian reviews Plato’s Bedroom: Ancient Wisdom & Modern Love.

Donna Spivey Ellington reviews Father Brown and the Ten Commandments: Selected Mystery Stories by G. K. Chesterton.

Stephanie A. Mann reviews Heroes and Heretics of the Reformation.

Plus New Poetry by Rachel Gerring, Philip C. Kolin, William Randall Lancaster and Lydia Martin.

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