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Language and Liberty


In the beginning are the words, and the words will set you free....

Language and Liberty2021-03-05T19:48:30-05:00

Shakespeare in the Public Schools


Can't read. Won't read. The pride and prejudice and the arrogance and ignorance of those seeking to cancel Shakespeare....

Shakespeare in the Public Schools2021-03-05T19:49:29-05:00

Tolkien in a Nutshell


Yes, it is possible to summarize the Catholic dimension of The Lord of the Rings in under 600 words:

Tolkien in a Nutshell2021-03-03T23:26:40-05:00

Betraying Ireland with a Kiss


With St. Patrick's Day fast approaching, here's a timely reflection on the betrayal of Ireland by her own sons and daughters:

Betraying Ireland with a Kiss2021-03-03T23:21:20-05:00

Real Philosophy for Real People


Here are links to the vibrant discussions I've been having with Fr. Fessio and Vivian Dudro on Fr. McTeigue's thought-provoking book:

Real Philosophy for Real People2021-03-03T23:19:31-05:00

New This Week in the Inner Sanctum


Joseph Pearce reveals what's newly posted to the Inner Sanctum of his personal website,

New This Week in the Inner Sanctum2021-02-28T22:35:53-05:00

Airbrushing Out the Naughty Bits


What should we feel about the censoring of great works of literature by neo-puritans? I tackle this thorny question in an essay just published by the Imaginative Conservative:

Airbrushing Out the Naughty Bits2021-02-24T18:11:12-05:00

Lenten Illuminations: The Light of the Cross 


The new Lenten-themed issue of the St. Austin Review is winging its way to our subscribers. Highlights:  Sr. Joseph Andrew Bogdanowicz finds in Edith Stein “authentic femininity at the foot of the cross”. Matthew Guinan discovers “themes of suffering” in Georges Bernanos and Paul Schrader. Brendan D. King translates the classic Old English poem, “The Dream of the [...]

Lenten Illuminations: The Light of the Cross 2021-02-23T01:23:35-05:00

The Jesuit Martyr Who Inspired Shakespeare


Over the past year or two, Joseph Pearce has been interviewed by a journal in Poland on a number of Catholic literary figures. In the latest of the series, he discusses the Jesuit martyr, St. Robert Southwell, especially his influence on the life and work of Shakespeare:

The Jesuit Martyr Who Inspired Shakespeare2021-02-23T01:21:54-05:00
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