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Reading History with Casper Gutman


A leaden sky shielded London from the winter sun as I kept my appointment with Casper Gutman Antiques.  Still in business after more than a century, it sits tucked away on one of those dead-end side streets not far from the Diogenes Club.  With their customary courtesy they were letting me consult their founder’s private collection [...]

Reading History with Casper Gutman2021-01-11T06:58:53-05:00

The Strangeness of Intolerance


I got sucked into a quarrel yesterday. I hate to admit that, but there it is. The only value such an experience has is the self-examination it evokes, not just to determine whether I was truly “right” but more importantly, to determine what made me lose my cool. I raised my voice—something I never do—then realized too late [...]

The Strangeness of Intolerance2021-01-08T15:06:44-05:00

Give the Devil Enough Rope


As the American Republic seems intent on ripping itself apart, the editors of The Imaginative Conservative have decided to publish an old essay of mine which they feel to be pertinent to the dark days in which we find ourselves:

Give the Devil Enough Rope2021-01-08T14:59:55-05:00

Belloc and Eliot on the Epiphany


As a way of celebrating the Epiphany, here are my musings on Belloc's "Twelfth Night" and T. S. Eliot's "Journey of the Magi":

Belloc and Eliot on the Epiphany2021-01-08T14:58:41-05:00

Understanding The Everlasting Man


I'm giving two online lectures for the Institute of Catholic Culture on Chesterton's classic, The Everlasting Man. Please join me:

Understanding The Everlasting Man2021-01-08T14:57:17-05:00

Shooting Your Eye Out for Christmas


In this week's Inner Sanctum: Joseph Pearce waxes whimsical on how his wife is promoting the noble tradition of shooting your eye out for Christmas. He also vents his spleen dogmatically on the hierarchical necessity of singing "The Twelve Days of Christmas" in the correct order, condemning those who place drummers drumming and pipers piping above [...]

Shooting Your Eye Out for Christmas2020-12-30T20:39:34-05:00
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