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Who was T. S. Eliot’s True Love?

T. S. Eliot's letters to his first love, Emily Hale, have just been released by Princeton University, sparking much controversy. What do they tell us about the women in Eliot's life? Who was his true love? Here are my conclusions:

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True Love: Passionate Reason Versus Romantic Feelings

January/February 2018: True Love: Passionate Reason Versus Romantic Feelings Sample Content from Our Latest Issue January/February 2018 Table of Contents Sample Article Anna Karenina: A Story of Untrue Love- Mary Leonarczyk Recently, with the 2012 movie adaptation of Anna Karenina having been released, there has been an increasing interest in Leo Tolstoy’s classic Russian novel of doomed romance. [...]

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True Love: Passionate Reason versus Romantic Feeling

The next issue of the St. Austin Review is winging its way to the printers. The theme of the January/February issue is “True Love: Passionate Reason versus Romantic Feeling”. Highlights include: Christopher J. Carter connects “Eros and Fantasy” in his discussion of “Imagination and Seduction in Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra”. Mary Leonarczyk sees Anna Karenina as “A Story of Untrue Love”. [...]

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Laughter and the Love of Friends

Is it true, as Belloc claimed, that there's nothing worth the wear of winning than laughter and the love of friends? In the latest Adages feature at Faith & Culture, I ask the question and suggest an answer.

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Love and Learning

I had the privilege of sharing the stage at the Prairie Troubadour conference two weeks ago with Anthony Esolen, one of the leading Catholic intellectuals of our day.  Rod Dreher quotes Anthony Esolen from his book Out of the Ashes (emphasis mine) ...  I should stipulate, here, that such programs should not be infested with professors who despise the [...]

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My Country – Right or Wrong?: The Search for True Patriotism

As an American freelance student of British history, I find it intriguing how the true meaning of patriotism has often been lost in the muck and mire of personal interpretation. Throughout history, the natural emotions that attach people to their native land have been twisted by advocates of various points of view to forward their own [...]

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Our Love Must Make Us Strong: The Music of Loreena McKennitt

It all started one Christmas as I rummaged through the CD racks at the library, in search of Christmas music different than the usual run-of-the-mill. I had several gigs lined up for the season, and planned on singing “Coventry Carol”, so when I stumbled across a CD called “A Midwinter Night’s Dream” that included it in [...]

By |2016-05-21T04:04:46-04:00April 3rd, 2016|Categories: The Ink Desk Blog|2 Comments
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