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Dappled Things SS. Peter & Paul 2010


News from Dappled Things President, Bernardo Aparicio: Dear Friends, Like a cool summer breeze, the SS. Peter & Paul 2010 edition of Dappled Things has arrived, clearing the air with it a fresh selection of prose, poetry, and art. Among the offerings in this edition, you will find two essays by Eleanor Bourg Donlon on the [...]

Dappled Things SS. Peter & Paul 20102010-08-16T14:54:24-05:00

The Aquinas Mousepad


What do you get when you combine a Thomist and a computer geek? An Aquinas mousepad, of course! But there is a great deal more to celebrate in the unfurling of the website of Matthew Alderman, church furnishing designer, professional illustrator, and design consultant, with architectural training and experience in ecclesiastic interior design. For churches, organizations, [...]

The Aquinas Mousepad2010-06-22T12:36:32-05:00

Screwtape on the Boards


The latest issue of Dappled Things is now available, full to brimming with short stories, poetry, reviews, art and photography, and more. Deserving particular note is Janice Walker's review of the Fellowship for the Performing Arts production of The Screwtape Letters (accompanied by her interview with actor Max McLean):The snake may have all the lines, but [...]

Screwtape on the Boards2010-05-18T14:51:53-05:00

Dappled Things…and ninjas!


Dear Friends, Hi, this message is all about ninjas Dappled Things,* THE NEW ISSUE OF DAPPLED THINGS. This message is awesome. My name is Bernardo and I can’t stop thinking about the new issue. This issue is cool; and by cool, I mean totally sweet. Facts: Dappled Things is made by mammals. Rational mammals. Dappled Things [...]

Dappled Things…and ninjas!2009-10-26T10:53:10-05:00



I scream. You scream. We all scream...at Ben and Jerry's. It is not an incident that should bother me unduly -- I do not eat Ben and Jerry's ice cream and, moreover, think that the notion of mixing pretzels and ice cream sounds too much like a concoction thought up by drunken frat boys. The recent [...]


“Caritas in Veritate”: A Forum


Like all Church documents, Caritas in Veritate deserves continued and marked attention. The recent public forum should therefore be of interest (videos, we are told, are forthcoming). The panel was singularly impressive (Fr. Allen is a delightful, brilliant man and a family friend): On the evening of August 26th, a crowd of 350 gathered at the [...]

“Caritas in Veritate”: A Forum2009-09-02T11:16:26-05:00

A Monster For Our Time


Some months ago I penned a piece for the National Catholic Register on the phenomenon of "The Abortion Story" in Catholic literary circles. It's a "rite of passage for young Christian writers", I declared. Most if not all of us have written such a thing at one time or another. Most of them are completely unoriginal [...]

A Monster For Our Time2009-08-14T11:35:27-05:00

How Does Your Garden Grow?


I’m rooting about in the dirt, making a general nuisance of myself about the flowers. The chrysanthemums—victims of my plan for transplantation—register distress mildly by bobbing their heads about, while an azalea bush looks on impassively. A flock of impatiens, sitting close by, remains obnoxiously sedate, despite the fact that their colorful spread is interrupted by [...]

How Does Your Garden Grow?2009-07-26T11:47:29-05:00

Dappled Things: SS. Peter and Paul 2009


From the Editors of Dappled Things: Has the summer heat gotten you down? Fear not! The cool new edition of Dappled Things is sure to refresh you with an invigorating selection of prose, poetry, and art. Our fiction this issue runs the gamut from the weighty to the wild. We have Dena Hunt's The Funeral, a moving [...]

Dappled Things: SS. Peter and Paul 20092009-07-23T23:53:12-05:00
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