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The First Ever 2014 Chronicles Calendar! For all Narnia lovers!


Jef Murray would like to announce his first ever Chronicles calendar, based on the works of C.S. Lewis and featuring images from his Narnia painting and sketch galleries (see To learn more, and to order your copy, you can go to his website or directly to:

The First Ever 2014 Chronicles Calendar! For all Narnia lovers!2013-07-30T23:03:47-05:00

Interview with Jef Murray


Seer: A Wizard's Journal ...

Interview with Jef Murray2012-12-12T18:30:24-06:00

Interview with Jef Murray about Seer: A Wizard’s Journal


Interview with Jef Murray about Seer: A Wizard's Journal

Interview with Jef Murray about Seer: A Wizard’s Journal2012-12-11T00:58:02-06:00



Troubled times are coming. Just as Treebeard saw his world change, so are we seeing ours… Right now, just after the elections in the USA, I see so many who are angry and afraid. The old bylaws are broken: banks are going bust, world markets are whiplashed. Enormous crowds gather, hypnotized, hoping that charismatic leaders will [...]


Magic and Wonder


Pieter Collier, of The Tolkien Library, has just published an interview we conducted this last week on Seer, on J.R.R. Tolkien, on C.S. Lewis, and on magic and wonder in general. Do take a look!

Magic and Wonder2012-09-22T13:03:40-05:00

Seer: A Wizard’s Journal


Greetings!   "Seer: A Wizard's Journal", is my first book, and it was formally released yesterday, on the Feast of the Visitation. "Seer" is a collection of parables, pictures, poems, and polemics, and it takes the reader down unusual paths and byways that will hopefully amuse and intrigue.   For those who missed the formal announcement [...]

Seer: A Wizard’s Journal2012-06-01T15:46:40-05:00

Interview with a Viking


For those interested, a new interview with TheViking of Middle-earth News was just posted at the following website. Enjoy!

Interview with a Viking2012-04-30T15:53:56-05:00



It comes without warning, and at the most unexpected of times. I’ll be furiously focused on one task or another: painting, or writing, or preparing for some descending deadline or some travel plans I’m making. Then, as if Someone had gently disconnected the power to all of these troublesome tasks and tribulations, everything ceases. The hammering [...]


The New Cool


"Do you think that being Catholic is bad, boring, for losers? Well, think again..."

The New Cool2012-03-15T14:45:02-05:00

The Perspicuity of Puddleglum


“Don’t pay any attention to what he says. You’re arguing with someone who believes God became a human being and then committed suicide….” The comment left me literally speechless. I had been in an exchange with someone on Facebook regarding the decline of honeybees, worldwide, and I had challenged their assertion that it was due solely [...]

The Perspicuity of Puddleglum2011-11-03T12:43:23-05:00
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