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I am no scholar of scripture, and I’m dubious of those who claim to be, even within the Church and its long history of scripture scholarship. Not only is complete fluency in the ancient languages of scripture necessary, but also a thorough knowledge of the ancient cultures in which those languages were spoken. At the church [...]


Arnold Toynbee and a Clue to Human Destiny


Beginning in the 1980s, apparently starting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and then extending to dozens of cities, appeared unusual graffiti, Toynbee Tiles.  A kind of mosaic, these so-called tiles tend to be bits of linoleum embedded in the asphalt of a city street.  While the creator of the tiles remains unknown, the text of each tile always [...]

Arnold Toynbee and a Clue to Human Destiny2021-04-12T20:11:42-04:00

Newly Posted to the Inner Sanctum


Joseph Pearce gives a summary of the essays and podcasts newly posted this week to the Inner Sanctum of his personal website....   

Newly Posted to the Inner Sanctum2021-04-12T20:02:23-04:00
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