Soft Tissue


A friend’s husband is being fitted with a prosthetic leg, his natural one lost to a lifelong scourge of Diabetes. Another is being fitted for a denture for all her upper teeth, scheduled for extraction when the denture is ready. It will be put in place while she is under anesthetic for the multiple extractions. It’s [...]

Soft Tissue2022-05-04T01:58:09-05:00

Join Joseph Pearce in England


Joseph Pearce is leading a pilgrimage in the footsteps of English saints and martyrs, and in the literary footsteps of Shakespeare, Tolkien, Lewis and more. Here are the highlights: Join Me in England - Joseph Pearce (

Join Joseph Pearce in England2022-05-04T01:51:00-05:00

Discussing The City of God


Joseph Pearce, Father Fessio and Vivian Dudro grapple with Saint Augustine's classic work... Discussing The City of God - Joseph Pearce (

Discussing The City of God2022-04-29T02:40:08-05:00

New Issue: The Wisdom and Innocence of G. K. Chesterton


May/June 2022 Issue – The Wisdom and Innocence of G. K. Chesterton Sample Content from Our Latest Issue Table of Contents Sample Article Portrait of a Dean: Crossing Swords with Chesterton During the first half of the twentieth century, William Ralph Inge was a popular theologian, literary journalist, and clerical celebrity who reached an audience which [...]

New Issue: The Wisdom and Innocence of G. K. Chesterton2022-04-25T17:41:38-05:00

The Conversion of Ebenezer Scrooge


Ghosts, angels and the conversion of Scrooge. Chesterton's Christmas classic in the proverbial nutshell... The Conversion of Ebenezer Scrooge - Joseph Pearce (

The Conversion of Ebenezer Scrooge2022-04-25T17:16:48-05:00

Shakespeare the Catholic


Was Shakespeare a Catholic? Here's the evidence in the proverbial nutshell... Shakespeare the Catholic - Joseph Pearce (

Shakespeare the Catholic2022-04-25T17:12:58-05:00

Escaping From Ideology


Joseph Pearce is interviewed by a fellow Englishman about his journey from radical politics to Christian faith... Escaping From Ideology - Joseph Pearce (

Escaping From Ideology2022-04-25T17:11:15-05:00
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