I thank the President for sharing with us on the news this evening his announcement that he supports legal marriage between persons of the same-sex, and for giving us his reasons for that support; his reasons were not only rational, but also very touching. I almost teared up, just listening—and he wore such a sincere expression. In fact, he was an inspiration for Yorkie and me. We’ve been together such a long time now, and just like those same-sex couples he mentioned who are members of his staff, Yorkie and I are in an “incredibly committed relationship.” And like them, we too are “raising kids together.” Two years ago, we adopted Bonnie Sue, a rescue from a puppy mill. And last, he cited those in the military forces who risk their lives “on [his] behalf.” Yes—quite right. All those canine heroes in the military who give their lives “on [my] behalf” and “yet, they’re constrained (sic) in their marital rights.”

It’s a sobering reflection. Right after the newscast, Yorkie and I discussed it (although he is somewhat verbally challenged) and I think we will marry. After all, the reasons he gave for granting same-sex couples that privilege are literally no different.  If that’s all it takes to justify granting a marriage license, Yorkie and I will apply for our license tomorrow morning. Invitations are forthcoming ….