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Laughter & the Love of Friends

Laughter & the Love of Friends

November/December 2016: Laughter & the Love of Friends

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“A New Head and a New Heart: Laughter in Life and Literature” by Maria Devlin

“In the film Sherlock Holmes, Holmes is hurt that his best friend Dr. Watson is moving out to get married. When he meets Watson’s fiancée, Mary, he deliberately insults her. Perhaps as he’d hoped, Mary immediately walks out. Unfortunately, so does Watson. The next day, during a sullen carriage ride, Watson demands that Holmes return the waistcoat he once gave him. It looks for a moment as though the bridges are burned—until Watson tosses the waist- coat out the window and, with a faint smirk, catches Holmes’s eye. His repaying Holmes with a joke tells us that their friend- ship is still intact.”

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Shakespeare 1616-2016
March April 2016_Cover

Shakespeare 1616-2016

March/April 2016: Shakespeare 1616-2016

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What Shakespeare’s Editors Don’t Know – by Frank Brownlow

People have been saying that Shakespeare was a Catholic for a long time. Newman thought so, and his contemporary Richard Simpson, St. Edmund Campion’s biogra- pher, was the first scholar to assemble the evidence. In the last twenty-five years or so the sheer pressure of that evidence has lead a fair number of Shakespeare scholars to concede that Shakespeare had a Catholic upbringing. But the idea that, unlike John Donne, he remained Catholic has so far proved unacceptable.

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