An Anglo-Saxon Saint and Anglo-American Catholicism


Catholic World Report has published an excellent essay on the influence of English Catholicism on the Catholic Church in the United States, inspired by Joseph Pearce's new book, Faith of Our Fathers... Saint Bede, Old England and the New World - Joseph Pearce (

An Anglo-Saxon Saint and Anglo-American Catholicism2022-05-25T23:06:12-05:00

Introducing Two Great Novels by R. H. Benson


Joseph Pearce has written forewords to two new editions of novels by Robert Hugh Benson. Here are the details... Introducing Two Great Novels by Robert Hugh Benson - Joseph Pearce (

Introducing Two Great Novels by R. H. Benson2022-05-25T23:04:17-05:00

Three Joes in Conversation


Joseph Pearce in conversation with Joe and Joe about his new book, Faith of Our Fathers: A History of True England... The Three Joes in Conversation - Joseph Pearce (

Three Joes in Conversation2022-05-25T23:02:52-05:00

Discussing Frankenstein


Joseph Pearce discusses Mary Shelley's classic novel on Catholic radio... Discussing Frankenstein - Joseph Pearce (

Discussing Frankenstein2022-05-25T22:59:05-05:00

What’s New in the Inner Sanctum


Joseph Pearce offers a sneak preview of the exclusive podcasts and essays newly posted in the Inner Sanctum of his personal website, What's New in the Inner Sanctum - Joseph Pearce (

What’s New in the Inner Sanctum2022-05-25T22:57:20-05:00

Poetry and Modern Culture


The first English publication of an interview that Joseph Pearce gave for a Polish magazine... Poetry and Modern Culture - Joseph Pearce (

Poetry and Modern Culture2022-05-25T22:55:44-05:00

Education from Henry Adams


Some years ago, a friend said he could not understand the ongoing popular interest in John Adams and his descendants.  Of that prominent American family, he said, “They were all smart, but sick.”  Brilliance and eccentricity (if not madness) do seem to pair together, and many of the Adams men were no exception. Such patterns fascinated [...]

Education from Henry Adams2022-05-17T17:09:40-05:00

Restless Hearts and the City of God


Joseph Pearce in discussion with Father Fessio and Vivian Dudro on Saint Augustine's timeless masterpiece... Restless Hearts and the City of God - Joseph Pearce (

Restless Hearts and the City of God2022-05-16T22:23:20-05:00
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