Hemingway and Hunters


An American student in his twenties asked me if I had heard of an author named Ernest Hemingway.  The student had found an old Scribner’s paperback of Hemingway’s fiction and was enjoying it very much.  When I told him that Ernest Hemingway was one of the most famous authors of the twentieth century and one of [...]

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Six Paintings for My Private Gallery


Joseph Pearce selects six of his favourite works of art and explains why he thinks so highly of them... https://jpearce.co/six-paintings-for-my-private-gallery/

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At the Religion News website, https://religionnews.com/2021/11/16/in-catholic-italy-de-baptism-is-gaining-popularity/ , there’s a report of a growing number of people in Italy seeking “de-baptism,” a process by which a baptized Catholic removes the record of his baptism. According to the article, the practice is not confined to Italy, but that’s where someone has started counting; there are at least 100,000 de-baptisms so [...]


Benedict XVI: An Apology


Catholic World Report has published an excerpt from Joseph Pearce's new book... https://jpearce.co/benedict-xvi-an-apology/

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Living with Big Brother


The Imaginative Conservative has published an exclusive excerpt from Joseph Pearce's new book, Benedict XVI: Defender of the Faith... https://jpearce.co/living-with-big-brother/

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Washington Irving and Monastic Life


On the main street of the small town of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, stands a state historical marker commemorating Irving Female College, locally known simply as Irving College.  Founded in 1856, it was a liberal arts college for women, and it closed in 1929, one of its buildings eventually becoming the town’s hospital.  The college’s name honored Washington [...]

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A Haunted Handful


Joseph Pearce celebrates the spirits of the season with a handful of haunting poems... https://jpearce.co/a-haunted-handful/

A Haunted Handful2021-11-04T18:49:33-05:00
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