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Sympathy for the Devil?


Is Milton responsible for making the Devil a sympathetic character? Joseph Pearce asks and endeavours to answer this controversial question...  Sympathy for the Devil? - Joseph Pearce (

Sympathy for the Devil?2023-09-28T22:26:18-05:00

A Dazzling Dozen


Joseph Pearce recommends twelve works of contemporary fiction published in the twenty-first century... A Dazzling Dozen - Joseph Pearce (

A Dazzling Dozen2023-09-28T22:25:25-05:00

Saint, Martyr and Shakespeare’s Muse


Celebrating the Saint Robert Southwell whose poetry and holiness inspired the works of Shakespeare... Saint, Martyr and Shakespeare's Muse - Joseph Pearce (

Saint, Martyr and Shakespeare’s Muse2023-09-21T15:19:58-05:00


How did Tolkien's Catholic faith inspire his work? Tolkien the Catholic - Joseph Pearce (


Maurice Evans and Hamlet


In her autobiography, My Life in Three Acts (1990), Helen Hayes contrasted her acting career with that of her friend, Maurice Evans. “Maurice had an advantage that I lacked,” she explained, “a strong drive to get ahead.” Of herself, she shrugged, “I just floated along, and things somehow fell into my lap.” Unimpressed by Evans’ drive, [...]

Maurice Evans and Hamlet2023-09-17T23:03:12-05:00
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