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Faith and Fantasy


Celebrating Chesterton, Tolkien, Lewis and other tellers of tall tales... Faith and Fantasy - Joseph Pearce (

Faith and Fantasy2023-05-31T21:22:22-05:00

The Challenge of Charity


Whatever might provoke us in terms of what's happening in the world or in the Church, we must always pray that charity reigns in our hearts and that it governs our words and our relationships with friend and enemies... The Challenge of Charity - Joseph Pearce (

The Challenge of Charity2023-05-31T21:20:39-05:00



The word has multiple meanings—in anatomy, geophysics—as well as figurative and literal meanings in literature. One meaning is speech—a “golden tongue,” a “diabolical tongue.” And it means language identity, as in the Greek tongue, the English tongue. And in The Acts of the Apostles: Tongues as of fire, “as of” signifying like, what we call a simile, a comparison—tongues (languages) like fire. Today [...]


Children and the Power of Poetry


The transformative power of poetry to transform and transfigure a child's imagination... Children and the Power of Poetry - Joseph Pearce (

Children and the Power of Poetry2023-05-26T21:00:22-05:00

Understanding Atheism


Joseph Pearce in discussion with Father Fessio and Vivian Dudro about the philosophical problems associated with atheism... Understanding Atheism - Joseph Pearce (

Understanding Atheism2023-05-26T20:58:32-05:00

Chesterton and Saint Francis: Seeing the Real and Imaginary Saint


Centenaries may have no real chronological significance, but they still provide the useful service of teaching us something about ourselves by how we respond to their arrival. The year 1923 brought forth a wealthy crop of literature, both experimental and traditionalist. Virginia Woolf in Bloomsbury introduced the highbrows to Mrs. Dalloway, while on the other side [...]

Chesterton and Saint Francis: Seeing the Real and Imaginary Saint2023-05-25T16:04:50-05:00

Meeting Gollum


Joseph Pearce recalls a close encounter with Smeagol's dark alter ego... Meeting Gollum - Joseph Pearce (

Meeting Gollum2023-05-25T15:58:38-05:00
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