Meet Me in St. Louis


Joseph Pearce will be giving talks in St. Louis on a visit from October 7-9. Please consider joining him....

Meet Me in St. Louis2021-09-16T22:53:26-05:00

Join Me and Chesterton in Rochester


Please consider joining me and other speakers at a Chesterton Conference in Rochester NY. For further details:

Join Me and Chesterton in Rochester2021-09-16T22:51:14-05:00

Saint Anselm and the Cloisters Cross


One word often used to describe Thomas Hoving was “brash.”  A former U.S. Marine who earned a doctorate in art history from Princeton, Hoving (1931-2009) served as a curator at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, and then, from 1967 to 1977, as its director.  A self-described “publicity hound,” Hoving’s self-promotion included a memoir, Making the [...]

Saint Anselm and the Cloisters Cross2021-09-02T16:52:52-05:00

Julius Caesar in a Nutshell


In the latest essay in his series for Crisis Magazine, Joseph Pearce puts Shakespeare's Julius Caesar in a nutshell....

Julius Caesar in a Nutshell2021-09-13T03:30:31-05:00

History and Pride


What does history teach us about the connection between pride and "success"?

History and Pride2021-09-08T22:15:38-05:00

Joseph Pearce Introduces His Inner Sanctum


Joseph Pearce on the hundreds of exclusive podcasts available in the Inner Sanctum of his personal website,

Joseph Pearce Introduces His Inner Sanctum2021-09-06T20:01:11-05:00

For the Pariah


You offer your heart, your love, your labor, your time, everything you have. And no one wants it. You, and all that you have to give, are discarded like trash. This happens not just sometimes, but always, both with persons and with groups of all kinds, within your family, at work, in your church. It evolves [...]

For the Pariah2021-09-02T16:55:36-05:00
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