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Brothers in Christ


Evangelical writer Louis Markos offers a magnanimous reading of Joseph Pearce's history of Christendom... Brothers in Christ - Joseph Pearce (

Brothers in Christ2024-05-26T15:25:02-05:00

Famous and Forgotten Poets


Who are the famous five poets everyone knows and the secret seven poets everyone should know? Famous and Forgotten Poets - Joseph Pearce (

Famous and Forgotten Poets2024-05-26T15:16:45-05:00

A Monster Among the Critics


Is Harold Bloom a true defender of western civilization or is he a Trojan Horse? A Monster Among the Critics - Joseph Pearce (

A Monster Among the Critics2024-05-26T14:56:15-05:00

Holy Fools and Unholy Falls


Joseph Pearce on EWTN examining holy foolishness and unholy folly in Don Quixote, Paradise Lost and The Betrothed... Holy Fools and Unholy Falls - Joseph Pearce (

Holy Fools and Unholy Falls2024-05-26T14:34:20-05:00

Flower of Scotland


Celebrating an unsung hero from the Scottish highlands... Flower of Scotland - Joseph Pearce (

Flower of Scotland2024-05-26T14:32:02-05:00

Flannery O’Connor: Wildcat or Hound of Heaven?


Comparing the newly released film on Flannery O'Connor with her newly published unfinished novel. Does the film do Flannery justice? Flannery O'Connor: Wildcat or Hound of Heaven? - Joseph Pearce (

Flannery O’Connor: Wildcat or Hound of Heaven?2024-05-26T14:27:09-05:00
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