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Lent and Literature


Great books can help and guide us on our Lenten pilgrimage... Lent and Literature - Joseph Pearce (

Lent and Literature2024-02-27T15:58:36-06:00

JFK’s Other Assassination


The shocking assassination of a Catholic leader, authorized by President Kennedy, three weeks before Kennedy's own assassination... JFK's Other Assassination - Joseph Pearce (

JFK’s Other Assassination2024-02-27T15:53:33-06:00

Joseph Pearce Teaches Tolkien Online


Register now for a six-week 12-lecture online course with Joseph Pearce on "The Mystical Wisdom of The Lord of the Rings": Join Me and Tolkien Online - Joseph Pearce (

Joseph Pearce Teaches Tolkien Online2024-02-27T15:52:13-06:00

Lent and Laughter


Celebrating laughter and the love of friends in the penitential desert... Lent and Laughter - Joseph Pearce (

Lent and Laughter2024-02-27T15:47:56-06:00

Self-sustaining Economies and Ageless Children’s Literature: The Good Master


“Salt, maybe some sugar,” commented the Romanian taxi driver. He was pleased to share a part of his life story. He had grown up on a farm that provided almost all they needed. They did not buy much—salt, maybe some sugar. They grew what they needed. They made what they needed. Maybe they would trade with [...]

Self-sustaining Economies and Ageless Children’s Literature: The Good Master2024-02-23T02:58:46-06:00

From Russia with Charity


Celebrating the heroic life and history-changing work of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn... From Russia with Charity - Joseph Pearce (

From Russia with Charity2024-02-23T02:38:51-06:00

JFK’s Other Assassination


A few weeks before his own assassination, President Kennedy was involved in the assassination of one of his political allies... The Assassination that JFK Approved - Joseph Pearce (

JFK’s Other Assassination2024-02-18T04:44:02-06:00
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