Benjamin Franklin’s Virtues


Benjamin Franklin called my ancestors “Palatine boors.”  It was nothing personal, of course, since he was worried about all the German-speaking peoples settling in the British colonies along the eastern seaboard, especially Pennsylvania.  In 1683, about five miles west of Philadelphia, a special enclave, Germantown, was set up for them, but they were spreading farther afield. [...]

Benjamin Franklin’s Virtues2022-01-14T00:45:34-06:00

How Catholic is Don Quixote?


Don Quixote is probably the bestselling work of literature of all time but is it a truly Catholic work? Joseph Pearce endeavours to answer this question in a nutshell...

How Catholic is Don Quixote?2022-01-05T03:41:28-06:00

With Belloc on the Path to Rome


The video of the talk that Joseph Pearce gave recently in Grand Rapids on Belloc's classic work, The Path to Rome...

With Belloc on the Path to Rome2021-12-30T18:34:54-06:00



The time for resolutions, new year’s style, has come round again. I can’t remember when I stopped doing that. It was way back, even before I became a Christian. What’s the point? If there’s something you want to do, do it. If there’s something you don’t want to do, stop doing it. Why is a Resolution necessary? [...]


The Tempest in a Nutshell


The latest essay by Joseph Pearce in the "Nutshell" series he is writing for Crisis Magazine...

The Tempest in a Nutshell2021-12-18T19:45:51-06:00

Books for Under the Tree


Joseph Pearce writes to Santa with a wish-list of good books for his friends this Christmas...

Books for Under the Tree2021-12-12T23:56:34-06:00
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