The Music of Christendom


Join Joseph Pearce, Father Fessio and Vivian Dudro as they commence their discussion for the FORMED Book of The Music of Christendom by Susan Treacy....

The Music of Christendom2021-12-11T00:59:51-06:00

A History Course on Catholic England


Join me for a six-week online course on the history of Catholic England, based upon my forthcoming book, Faith of Our Fathers: A History of True England:

A History Course on Catholic England2021-12-08T03:14:28-06:00

Antony and Cleopatra in a Nutshell


In the latest in his series of articles on great literature for Crisis Magazine, Joseph Pearce focuses on Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra...

Antony and Cleopatra in a Nutshell2021-12-06T22:31:31-06:00

Homer versus Virgil


Is Homer or Virgil the greater writer? Joseph Pearce endeavours to answer this question in his latest essay for the Imaginative Conservative...

Homer versus Virgil2021-12-06T22:27:52-06:00

Benedict XVI and the Modernist Mafia


Join Joseph Pearce for an online discussion of the subversive role of the St. Gallen Mafia during the pontificate of Benedict XVI....

Benedict XVI and the Modernist Mafia2021-12-06T22:24:35-06:00

Restoring Tradition


Crisis Magazine has published an exclusive excerpt from my new book, Benedict XVI: Defender of the Faith...

Restoring Tradition2021-12-06T22:19:35-06:00

Taking the Heat


Some of my earliest memories are those of primitive country people. You might say “superstitious” except that so many of those beliefs have proven true. One of them is an ability to take the heat away from another’s burn. If one of us children burned ourselves, perhaps on a hot kettle, we ran to my grandmother, [...]

Taking the Heat2021-11-29T15:47:39-06:00
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