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Running Away Naked with the Church Fathers


During Lent, much of the emphasis concentrates on a metaphorical sojourn in the desert. Liturgical and devotional readings help place Christians alongside Jesus during His forty days of temptation in the wilderness. However, that time of testing is also a time of training, preparing for the greater travail and ultimate triumph marked by the sacred Triduum. [...]

Running Away Naked with the Church Fathers2023-02-13T13:04:13-06:00

From Poland with Love


A review of Joseph Pearce's book on Pope Benedict XVI published in a popular Polish journal... Benedict XVI: From Poland with Love - Joseph Pearce (

From Poland with Love2023-02-20T18:59:31-06:00

Two New Books by Joseph Pearce on EWTN


Joseph Pearce in conversation with Doug Keck of EWTN on his two most recently published books... Bookmark Briefs on My Two Latest Books - Joseph Pearce (

Two New Books by Joseph Pearce on EWTN2023-02-20T18:57:58-06:00

Father Elijah in a Nutshell


The fiftieth and final essay in Joseph Pearce's series for Crisis Magazine.... Father Elijah in a Nutshell - Joseph Pearce (

Father Elijah in a Nutshell2023-02-20T18:55:41-06:00



Most apparently non-addicted people define addiction in some way they can intellectually handle, and then file and dismiss it, bringing it out only to express pity or contempt for some apparently addicted person. Disgust covers the faces of those who must drive through homeless encampments, where sidewalks are littered by hypodermic needles. Shock or sorrow covers [...]

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