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Celebrating Chesterton and Fulton Sheen


The new issue of the St. Astin Review celebrates the lives and legacies of G. K. Chesterton and Venerable Fulton Sheen... Celebrating Chesterton and Fulton Sheen - Joseph Pearce (

Celebrating Chesterton and Fulton Sheen2024-05-26T14:24:20-05:00

Remembering the “Forgotten” Chesterton


On the 150th anniversary of his birth, G. K. Chesterton is neither forgotten nor forsaken but growing in global influence... Remembering the "Forgotten" G. K. Chesterton - Joseph Pearce (

Remembering the “Forgotten” Chesterton2024-05-18T05:32:57-05:00

A New Adventure in Catholic Education


Joseph Pearce will be teaching  an online course for the newly founded Rosary College this Fall semester. Why not join him in this new adventure? Find out more...  Rosary College: A New Adventure in Catholic Education - Joseph Pearce (

A New Adventure in Catholic Education2024-05-18T05:28:46-05:00

King Lear’s Roman Britain


In 1934, Cole Porter, in his song “You’re the Top,” from his hit Broadway show Anything Goes, referred to a Shakespeare sonnet as an example of perfection, and in 1948 he based his musical comedy, Kiss Me, Kate, on Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew. Still, something more important than Shakespeare’s influence on America’s greatest lyric [...]

King Lear’s Roman Britain2024-05-15T05:06:14-05:00

Saints and Sinners in Shakespeare


The episode on King Lear, Antony and Cleopatra and The Tempest from Joseph Pearce's series for EWTN on "Great Books Every Catholic Should Know"... Saints and Sinners in Shakespeare - Joseph Pearce (

Saints and Sinners in Shakespeare2024-05-07T03:19:57-05:00

The Last of the Troubadours?


Joseph Pearce discusses with Father Robert McTeigue the great and controversial convert poet, Roy Campbell... The Last of the Troubadours? - Joseph Pearce (

The Last of the Troubadours?2024-05-07T03:17:00-05:00

Localism versus Globalism


Joseph Pearce on politics as if people and families matter. Is freedom in our pocket? Localism versus Globalism - Joseph Pearce (

Localism versus Globalism2024-05-07T03:15:30-05:00
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