A Conversation on English History


Joseph Pearce discusses English history with the co-hosts of The Catholic Conversation podcast... A Conversation on English History - Joseph Pearce (jpearce.co)

A Conversation on English History2022-06-17T22:55:37-05:00

Shakespeare and Science


There's more than mere science in the works of Shakespeare. Seeing the truth beyond the facts... Shakespeare and Science - Joseph Pearce (jpearce.co)

Shakespeare and Science2022-06-17T22:54:01-05:00

Her Majesty and His Holiness


Celebrating Queen Elizabeth II's platinum jubilee from a Catholic perspective... Her Majesty and His Holiness - Joseph Pearce (jpearce.co)

Her Majesty and His Holiness2022-06-17T22:52:30-05:00

Ageless Children’s Literature: Books for Us All


“…there is really nothing to be done. You see, I know him from of old.” And so Rat, in Kenneth Grahams’s The Wind In the Willows, resigns himself to Toad’s new mania, and we happy readers nod in agreement, for we too know him from of old. That is, if we have been one of the [...]

Ageless Children’s Literature: Books for Us All2022-06-17T23:27:46-05:00

Certain Musty Old Values


Writing in January, 1946, to his friend, Erle Stanley Gardner, Raymond Chandler defined what in crime fiction makes a successful detective.  Although, Chandler believed, “an eccentric character wears out its welcome,” he declared, “The character that lasts is an ordinary guy with some extraordinary qualities.”  That description fit not only Chandler’s own fictional detective, Philip Marlowe, [...]

Certain Musty Old Values2022-06-08T21:21:18-05:00

Wrestling with Hilaire Belloc


by Sir James Gunn, oil on canvas, 1932Wrestling with Hilaire Belloc Joseph Pearce gets to grips with Belloc in an in-depth video interview for a British podcast...  Getting to Grips with Old Thunder - Joseph Pearce (jpearce.co)

Wrestling with Hilaire Belloc2022-06-08T21:19:02-05:00

On Pilgrimage with Hilaire Belloc


Joseph Pearce puts Belloc's classic work, The Path to Rome, into a proverbial nutshell... On Pilgrimage with Hilaire Belloc - Joseph Pearce (jpearce.co)

On Pilgrimage with Hilaire Belloc2022-06-08T21:16:10-05:00
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