History and Pride


What does history teach us about the connection between pride and "success"? https://jpearce.co/history-and-pride/

History and Pride2021-09-08T22:15:38-05:00

Joseph Pearce Introduces His Inner Sanctum


Joseph Pearce on the hundreds of exclusive podcasts available in the Inner Sanctum of his personal website, jpearce.co.... https://jpearce.co/joseph-pearce-introduces-his-inner-sanctum/

Joseph Pearce Introduces His Inner Sanctum2021-09-06T20:01:11-05:00

For the Pariah


You offer your heart, your love, your labor, your time, everything you have. And no one wants it. You, and all that you have to give, are discarded like trash. This happens not just sometimes, but always, both with persons and with groups of all kinds, within your family, at work, in your church. It evolves [...]

For the Pariah2021-09-02T16:55:36-05:00

Meeting Solzhenitsyn Part Two


The second part of my article offering memories of my meeting with Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn at his home in Russia in 1998.... https://jpearce.co/meeting-solzhenitsyn-part-two/

Meeting Solzhenitsyn Part Two2021-08-23T22:26:54-05:00
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