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Fatherhood and Holiness


The Knights of Columbus has published Joseph Pearce's reflection on fatherhood as a path to sanctity... Fatherhood and Sanctity - Joseph Pearce (

Fatherhood and Holiness2022-11-18T18:42:25-06:00

Elgar’s Stout and Steaky London Town


In 1997, at the funeral of Princess Diana, and in 2021, at that of Prince Philip, the music included Sir Edward Elgar’s “Nimrod,” one of his Enigma Variations. Elgar composed it around 1898, and it has featured at numerous other funerals and at Britain’s annual Service of Remembrance held on Remembrance Sunday, the Sunday closest to [...]

Elgar’s Stout and Steaky London Town2022-11-01T23:51:11-05:00

American Literature and Catholic Faith


Joseph Pearce explores some surprising connections between the greatest American writers and the Catholic faith... American Literature and Catholic Faith - Joseph Pearce (

American Literature and Catholic Faith2022-11-07T21:56:32-06:00

Shakespeare’s Women


Joseph Pearce pays homage to Shakespeare for his masterful depiction of women... Shakespeare's Women - Joseph Pearce (

Shakespeare’s Women2022-11-07T21:54:55-06:00

On Some Sundays


On some Sundays, I sit at Mass and look around at all the people whom I’ve seen for years, most of whom I know only by sight and not by name. I’ve watched them grow up. Some of them were once children here, annoying people by making noise or by running up and down the side [...]

On Some Sundays2022-11-03T01:17:13-05:00

New Issue: Europe of the Faith


November/December 2022 Issue – Europe of the Faith Sample Content from Our Latest Issue Table of Contents Sample Article Queen Elizabeth II: A Eulogy The following eulogy was given following a solemn Requiem Mass for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Prince of Peace Catholic Church in Taylors, South Carolina, on September 23, 2022. On September [...]

New Issue: Europe of the Faith2022-11-01T23:46:12-05:00

Light from Light


A new website for young Catholics seeking the good, true and beautiful... Light From Light - Joseph Pearce (

Light from Light2022-11-01T23:17:56-05:00
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