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Joseph Pearce is a Catholic author and biographer who has written about subjects as various as GK Chesterton, economics, and Shakespeare. His latest book, Race with the Devil, chronicles his conversion from racial hatred to Catholicism. He is also the Director of the Center for Faith & Culture and Writer-in-Residence at Aquinas College in Nashville as well as the editor of St. Austin Review.

Newly Posted to the Inner Sanctum


Joseph Pearce on the new exclusive content posted his week to the Inner Sanctum of his personal website, jpearce.co... https://jpearce.co/newly-posted-this-week-in-the-inner-sanctum/

Newly Posted to the Inner Sanctum2021-09-29T01:42:26-05:00

Meet Me in St. Louis


Joseph Pearce will be giving talks in St. Louis on a visit from October 7-9. Please consider joining him....  https://jpearce.co/meet-me-in-st-louis/

Meet Me in St. Louis2021-09-16T22:53:26-05:00

Join Me and Chesterton in Rochester


Please consider joining me and other speakers at a Chesterton Conference in Rochester NY. For further details: https://jpearce.co/join-me-and-chesterton-in-rochester/

Join Me and Chesterton in Rochester2021-09-16T22:51:14-05:00

Julius Caesar in a Nutshell


In the latest essay in his series for Crisis Magazine, Joseph Pearce puts Shakespeare's Julius Caesar in a nutshell.... https://jpearce.co/julius-caesar-in-a-nutshell/

Julius Caesar in a Nutshell2021-09-13T03:30:31-05:00

History and Pride


What does history teach us about the connection between pride and "success"? https://jpearce.co/history-and-pride/

History and Pride2021-09-08T22:15:38-05:00
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