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Joseph Pearce is a Catholic author and biographer who has written about subjects as various as GK Chesterton, economics, and Shakespeare. His latest book, Race with the Devil, chronicles his conversion from racial hatred to Catholicism. He is also the Director of the Center for Faith & Culture and Writer-in-Residence at Aquinas College in Nashville as well as the editor of St. Austin Review.

Playing Leapfrog with History


How did cultural movements in the nineteenth century play leapfrog with the Enlightenment? Playing Leapfrog with History - Joseph Pearce (jpearce.co)

Playing Leapfrog with History2022-08-06T22:40:28-05:00

Thursday in a Nutshell


Joseph Pearce puts Chesterton's most famous novel in a nutshell... Thursday in a Nutshell - Joseph Pearce (jpearce.co)

Thursday in a Nutshell2022-08-03T17:17:09-05:00

Was Chesterton Wrong About Impressionism?


Was Chesterton Wrong About Impressionism? Joseph Pearce discusses Chesterton's view of Impressionism... Impressionism and the Floorless Universe - Joseph Pearce (jpearce.co)

Was Chesterton Wrong About Impressionism?2022-07-29T02:27:20-05:00

What is Christendom?


Joseph Pearce on what Christendom is and what it isn't... What is Christendom? - Joseph Pearce (jpearce.co)

What is Christendom?2022-07-29T02:24:53-05:00

The Church and the Pagans


Discussing paganism and Christendom with Joseph Pearce, Father Fessio and Vivian Dudro... The Church and the Pagans - Joseph Pearce (jpearce.co)

The Church and the Pagans2022-07-29T02:23:52-05:00

C. S. Lewis for Grown-Ups


Joseph Pearce muses on the wisdom to be found in the fiction of C. S. Lewis...  C. S. Lewis for Grown-Ups - Joseph Pearce (jpearce.co)

C. S. Lewis for Grown-Ups2022-07-22T23:48:25-05:00

The Glories of Catholic England


Catholic World Report has published a great review of Joseph Pearce's latest book... The Glories of Catholic England - Joseph Pearce (jpearce.co)

The Glories of Catholic England2022-07-22T23:14:39-05:00
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