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My discussion and reading of Wordsworth’s anti-secularist poem, “Ode to Duty”.
The latest instalment of our pilgrimage to Rome with Hilaire Belloc.
My discussion of Homer’s theology. To what extent can Homer’s Zeus be reconciled with the Christian God?
In the latest entry in the Ladydale Diary, charting the day-to-day life and doings of the Pearce Family, I talk of my shocking close encounter of the serpentine kind with two snakes and give an update on my work in progress.

Faith and Fairy Stories

What have faith and fairy stories to do with the real world? Are the truths to be found in fairy stories more real and practical than the sneer of the cynic or the promises of the politician? These questions are addressed in this essay of mine, just published by the National Catholic Register, in which I employ the wisdom of Chesterton and Tolkien to shed light on the subject: