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Joseph Pearce is a Catholic author and biographer who has written about subjects as various as GK Chesterton, economics, and Shakespeare. His latest book, Race with the Devil, chronicles his conversion from racial hatred to Catholicism. He is also the Director of the Center for Faith & Culture and Writer-in-Residence at Aquinas College in Nashville as well as the editor of St. Austin Review.

Wine, Whimsy & Saints in Ecstasy


Every week, Joseph Pearce records three exclusive podcasts for members of his inner Sanctum. Newly posted this week: Belloc waxing whimsical on wine and other good things our Christendom brings…. Singing with Dante and Saint Bonaventure in Paradise…. Roy Campbell shares in the ecstasy of Saint John of the Cross…. Fools, foolishness and Puritanism in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night…. Also [...]

Wine, Whimsy & Saints in Ecstasy2021-07-21T19:14:28-04:00

New and Exclusive to the Inner Sanctum


Joseph Pearce gives an impromptu update on the three new podcasts posted this week to the Inner Sanctum of his personal website.... https://jpearce.co/new-and-exclusive-to-the-inner-sanctum-2/

New and Exclusive to the Inner Sanctum2021-07-05T22:17:13-04:00

The Canterbury Tales in a Nutshell


In the latest essay in Joseph Pearce's series on great literature for Crisis Magazine, he puts Chaucer's magnum opus into the proverbial nutshell.... https://jpearce.co/the-canterbury-tales-in-a-nutshell/

The Canterbury Tales in a Nutshell2021-07-05T22:13:55-04:00

Shakespeare’s Poetic Voice


Here's the link to the video of the lecture I gave earlier this week for the Institute of Catholic Culture on The Poetic Voice of William Shakespeare....  https://jpearce.co/shakespeares-poetic-voice-2/

Shakespeare’s Poetic Voice2021-07-05T22:19:12-04:00

The New Colonialism


The colonialism, imperialism and slavery that the eyes of Price can't see.... https://jpearce.co/the-new-colonialism/

The New Colonialism2021-07-05T22:18:09-04:00

Poland: Europe’s Heroic Heart 


Poland: Europe’s Heroic Heart  The new issue of the St. Austin Review is now available. Highlights include:  Jan J. Franczak sees Poland as “The Ever-Beating Heart of Europe and its Last Bastion”. Filip Mazurczak considers “Quo Vadis: A Classic of Christendom”. Michal Golebiowski offers “An Introduction of Jan Kasprowicz’s Religiosity”. Dorothy Cummings McLean provides “An Argument [...]

Poland: Europe’s Heroic Heart 2021-06-26T19:39:11-04:00

Join Joseph Pearce at This Year’s Chesterton Conference


Please join Joseph Pearce and a host of other speakers at this year's annual Chesterton Conference in Chicago. Those who register via this platform are eligible for a discount. The code is Joseph25. See this link for further details and to register: https://jpearce.co/join-me-at-this-years-chesterton-conference/

Join Joseph Pearce at This Year’s Chesterton Conference2021-06-25T04:28:12-04:00

Discussing Beowulf


Joseph Pearce's interview on Archangel Radio in which he discusses the Anglo-Saxon epic.... https://jpearce.co/discussing-beowulf/

Discussing Beowulf2021-06-25T04:18:46-04:00
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