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Joseph Pearce is a Catholic author and biographer who has written about subjects as various as GK Chesterton, economics, and Shakespeare. His latest book, Race with the Devil, chronicles his conversion from racial hatred to Catholicism. He is also the Director of the Center for Faith & Culture and Writer-in-Residence at Aquinas College in Nashville as well as the editor of St. Austin Review.

The Catholic Heart of England


Joseph Pearce in conversation with Mark Bauerlein, contributing editor of First Things... The Catholic Heart of England - Joseph Pearce (

The Catholic Heart of England2022-10-26T02:09:45-05:00

Can Technology Save the World?


Is there a difference between cleverness and wisdom? Is one without the other perilous? Joseph Pearce investigates... Can Technology Save the World - Joseph Pearce (

Can Technology Save the World?2022-10-26T02:07:49-05:00

The Hobbit and the Gospel


Joseph Pearce explains the connection between Tolkien's children's classic and Saint Matthew's Gospel... The Hobbit in a Nutshell - Joseph Pearce (

The Hobbit and the Gospel2022-10-26T02:05:59-05:00

Walking with Chesterton and Hiking with Lewis


Would you rather walk with G. K. Chesterton or hike with C. S. Lewis? And which of these two delightful options would Tolkien choose? Joseph Pearce follows in the footsteps of these giants in the quest to answer these questions... Walking with Chesterton and Hiking with Lewis - Joseph Pearce (

Walking with Chesterton and Hiking with Lewis2022-10-20T18:46:00-05:00

The Quest for the Best


How can we know if something is really beautiful? Is it in the eye of the beholder or is it in the thing beheld? The Quest for the Best - Joseph Pearce (

The Quest for the Best2022-10-17T02:31:07-05:00

Women and the Word


Joseph Pearce celebrates the feminine voice in Christian culture... Women and the Word - Joseph Pearce (

Women and the Word2022-10-14T19:41:33-05:00

What are You Missing in the Inner Sanctum?


Joseph Pearce offers a glimpse of the exclusive content available to those who support his work and his family by joining the Inner Sanctum... What's New in the Inner Sanctum - Joseph Pearce (

What are You Missing in the Inner Sanctum?2022-10-14T19:37:47-05:00
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