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Saint Bede and Beowulf


Joseph Pearce invites us to see the Anglo-Saxon epic in the light of the age in which it was written... Beowulf in the Light of Bede - Joseph Pearce (jpearce.co)

Saint Bede and Beowulf2023-08-14T21:07:51-05:00

Why Children Need to Read Poetry 


An interview with Joseph Pearce on the importance to children of knowing poetry and the poems they should know... Poems Every Child Should Know - Joseph Pearce (jpearce.co)

Why Children Need to Read Poetry 2023-06-13T18:22:30-05:00

Can Distributism Save Civilization?


What's the relationship between Catholic social teaching and the political and economic views of Chesterton and Belloc? Distributism and the Restoration of Freedom - Joseph Pearce (jpearce.co)

Can Distributism Save Civilization?2023-05-20T04:19:09-05:00

Flannery O’Connor in a Nutshell


Joseph Pearce discusses Flannery O'Connor's second and final novel, The Violent Bear It Away... The Violent Bear It Away in a Nutshell - Joseph Pearce (jpearce.co)

Flannery O’Connor in a Nutshell2022-12-22T02:04:01-06:00

Putin and Solzhenitsyn


Joseph Pearce on Solzhenitsyn's relationship with Vladimir Putin and how it helps to unlock the complexities of the situation in Russia and the Ukraine... https://jpearce.co/solzhenitsyn-and-putin/

Putin and Solzhenitsyn2022-03-16T02:11:24-05:00

More Elven Magic and Arthurian Romance


Having written last week on the elven magic and Arthurian romance of John Keats, Joseph Pearce revisits the theme with a discussion of a classic poem by Tennyson and the art it inspired... https://jpearce.co/more-elven-magic-and-arthurian-romance/

More Elven Magic and Arthurian Romance2022-03-16T02:17:50-05:00
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