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Be Not Afraid


I love people. I watch, I listen, I ask questions. Today though, I must speak. I’ve been saddened to see so many Christians, especially Catholics, respond to this current upheaval in tones of fear.  I would understand if they were afraid for the things that will definitely hurt them and their friends: a crushed economy, loss [...]

Be Not Afraid2020-04-03T23:44:10-05:00

Further Up and Further In: A New Year’s Resolution


“There’s no prize at the end of life for having the most things checked off in the “To Do” list.” This is the time of year when most of us grab pen and paper and make a list of all the things we are going to work on in our lives. From the pragmatic to the [...]

Further Up and Further In: A New Year’s Resolution2017-01-15T17:51:54-06:00

After the Adventure


As I sit here reading “Planet Narnia” by Dr. Michael Ward, and learn about the meaning of allegory and symbol as Lewis understood and defined them, I am lead to ponder the effects of fanciful books on the reader. I have been disturbed of late by the memes posted by book lovers that express their desire [...]

After the Adventure2017-01-07T19:53:39-06:00

A True Celebration


Often when reading of ages past I’ve noticed that grown-ups used to know how to truly have fun. Before the waltz was invented, everyone used to dance together in great circles, young and old alike. They used to play games that involved everyone’s participation and imagination, throwing together impromptu plays and acting out charades. And once, [...]

A True Celebration2016-09-19T20:56:17-05:00

The Case of the Accidental Publisher


One of the great things about the vocation of motherhood is the way it so often demands all your skills, virtues and especially creativity. Lisa Bergman’s story is a case in point. Being a woman of spritely mind, in love with Christ and his church, she determined to educate her children herself. As so many like-minded [...]

The Case of the Accidental Publisher2016-08-24T17:29:55-05:00

The New Illumination for the New Evangelization?


Once upon a time, contemplative monks sat for hours, pen in hand crafting pictures to compliment the word of God. Today we apparently have a similar monk filled with that same passionate devotion to truth, but I suspect his late medieval brothers of the scriptorium would be both shocked and puzzled by the work of Brother [...]

The New Illumination for the New Evangelization?2016-07-01T21:09:39-05:00

Beauty as Tonic


In this era of seeking alternative ways of dealing with chronic illnesses or just avoiding them, many people have rediscovered the old wisdom of tonics.  Tonics are things you do or put into your body on a daily basis so as to support your body’s natural immune system and help it to function at its highest [...]

Beauty as Tonic2016-05-28T00:16:57-05:00

Beauty Speaks


It was a brief conversation, but it confirmed for me what I had suspected for some time: there was no place for me in the world of visual arts. I had chosen to study art because I enjoyed doing it and I was good at drawing and painting, but as part of my degree, eighteen course [...]

Beauty Speaks2016-04-16T21:59:45-05:00

Finding One’s Idols


It’s natural I suppose that when we are young we simply look up to people. Whether they are real or fictional we don’t really care, charming is charming, delightful is delightful.  At some point in my youth though I realized I had a problem. I understood that an actor who played a character was a separate [...]

Finding One’s Idols2016-02-02T18:23:54-06:00

A Confusion of Goods


Pop-culture is a fascinating thing. Look at what the people are celebrating, chattering about and sharing with one another and you get a sense of what their passions and peeves are. I love my fellows, messy, frustrating lot that we are and I assure you it is genuine concern that prompts me to object to a [...]

A Confusion of Goods2015-10-25T23:34:01-05:00
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