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Mere Charity


Most of the Inauguration I did not watch, but I wanted to hear the speech.  (These things can be important, as anyone who's just seen Lincoln or done an American literature survey course will tell you!)  I must confess, it was rhetorically quite good.  They (the speechwriters) struck an impressive balance between using conservative and libertarian [...]

Mere Charity2013-01-26T17:34:05-06:00

Economics at Catholic University


I don't often blog these days (well, write blog posts here anyway!) but this bit of news seemed worth reporting.  Catholic University has created a new School of Business and Economics, and its new Dean is the author of an excellent and illuminating article on the economy of the Shire that was published in StAR a [...]

Economics at Catholic University2013-01-18T15:26:39-06:00

White Christmas


When I left my family's house on the 26th, it was snowing.  It had started snowing on Christmas Eve, and kept the habit up, on and off, with breaks for the air to crystallize, for two days.  It was the first white Christmas we've had in some time, and one of the best in memory. Northern [...]

White Christmas2012-12-29T20:08:48-06:00

Quid Est Veritas? Reason to Believe


January/February 2013 SAMPLE ARTICLES FROM ISSUE Table of Contents Truth and Reason in Church Architecture: An Interview with Ecclesiastical Designer and Consultant Matthew Alderman

Quid Est Veritas? Reason to Believe2015-05-04T03:43:09-05:00

Faith & Freedom


November/December 2012 SAMPLE ARTICLES FROM ISSUE Table of Contents A Little Benedictine: Lessons From History on Faith and Freedom

Faith & Freedom2015-05-04T03:43:09-05:00

GKC in London


London in November doesn't sound like much fun I know (unless you're one of those crazy people, like your humble servant, who positively enjoys rotten weather); but I would defy anyone not to want to be in London this November for ... drumroll please! ... The G.K. Chesterton Institute for Faith & Culture's conference on "Chesterton [...]

GKC in London2012-10-11T02:39:32-05:00

Used to Be


So I was driving home Sunday night, listening to 88.5 FM as usual, and heard that Andy Williams had died.  Aside from the fact that he was a good singer, in the mode of Bing Crosby or Dean Martin, I knew (and still know) next to nothing about him.  But Ed Walker played a couple pieces [...]

Used to Be2012-10-10T14:45:04-05:00

When Virtue Pays III: Pearl Hunting


I hope you all enjoyed the professor on Wednesday.  Harold Hill is an instructive example of a rather curious phenomenon—call it the anti-Shtcherbatsky, the hypocrite who, due to circumstances outside of his control but relating directly to his practice of hypocrisy, ends up a good man.  (Another example of the same phenomenon, I would argue, is [...]

When Virtue Pays III: Pearl Hunting2012-08-03T14:12:27-05:00
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