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Belloc and His World


November/December 2015: Belloc and His World Sample Content from Our Latest Issue November/December Table of Contents Sample Article "On Pilgrimage and Sacramentality: Hilaire Belloc’s The Four Men" by Tod Worner. Recently, upon reading Hilaire Belloc’s classic The Four Men, I came to a new appreciation: the virtue of “re-reading”. The first read, I have learned, always tells you what [...]

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Near Death, Nearer to God


My latest article for the Imaginative Conservative recounts my close encounter with death, following a close encounter with a wasps' nest that led to my body's going into anaphylactic shock. It's an effort to describe the mysterious experience that I had on the verge of death.

Near Death, Nearer to God2015-08-18T03:06:10-05:00

The Evangelizing Power of Beauty


This weekend, along with several hundred other people, I shall be travelling to San Antonio, Texas, which is the venue for this year's annual Chesterton Society conference. I'm speaking on Saturday morning on the topic of Chesterton and Oscar Wilde. On September 1st, I travel to the Archdiocese of Denver to give a talk, at the [...]

The Evangelizing Power of Beauty2015-08-05T05:24:31-05:00

Jef Murray: Rest in Peace


Last night I received the devastating news of the death yesterday, from a heart attack, of Jef Murray, my good friend and StAR's long-serving artist-in-residence. Jef and his novelist wife Lorraine were very good friends, with whom we have spent many Easters and Thanksgivings and whom our children know as Mr. Jef and Miss Lorraine. Jef will be known [...]

Jef Murray: Rest in Peace2015-08-05T03:57:17-05:00
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