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The Charm of the Chesterbelloc

The latest episode of a seven-part podcast series on “The Charm of the Chesterbelloc” is about to be posted in the Inner Sanctum of my personal website, The series looks at the friendship of Belloc and Chesterton and also compares and contrasts their gifts. I consider which of them is the finer novelist, poet, essayist, biographer, and defender of the Faith. Who is greater? Belloc? Or Chesterton?
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Join Me at an Online Literature Conference

On the evening of Friday, March 13th I’m giving the keynote lecture at an online literature conference. “Re-Enchanting the World: The Legacy of the Inklings” promises to be an exciting and indeed an enchanting conference which people can attend from the comfort of their own homes. My own lecture will be entitled “Narnia & Middle-earth: When Two Worlds Collude”. Please do join me.
Full description and to register: