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New to the Inner Sanctum This Week

Here is what is newly posted to the Inner Sanctum of my personal website,
In this week’s Home is Where the Hearth Is podcast I discuss the shameful sacrificing of a noble priest to the mob.

In this week’s Revisiting Old Favourites I begin the reading of Belloc’s The Path to Rome.

For this week’s Poem of the Week, I’ve selected my own poem “Solstice Sunrise” to celebrate the summer solstice.

In an action-packed week, the Ladydale Diary follows the day-to-day doings of the Pearce family.

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Exclusive Content from the Inner Sanctum

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Love & Femininity

The July/August issue of the St. Austin Review is winging its way to the printer.

Highlights of the new issue:

Kathleen Curran Sweeney reflects on Charles Peguy’s poem, Eve.

Cristina Pineda finds “a new paradigm for healthy relationships” in Northanger Abbey.

Jacob Terneus admires “the pious sex”.

Sarah Kaderbek finds “feminine love and the love of the feminine” in the Lady Éowyn.

Lisa Coutras studies “Tolkien’s Theology of the Feminine” and finds “Heroic Love and the Marian Valkyrie”.

Kevin O’Brien considers “Women: The Only Realists”.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker flirts with “Ladies of the Knight”.

Manuel Alfonseca dismisses “Gender Ideology as a Pseudoscience”.

Bradley J. Birzer goes “From Venus to the Virgin, From Victory to Hope”.

K. V. Turley ponders “Greta Garbo’s Telling Silence”.

Ken Clark contemplates François Boucher’s Rest on the Flight to Egypt.

Susan Treacy interviews classical composer Mark Nowakowsky.

Donald DeMarco muses on “That Touch of Nature that Makes the Whole World Kin”.

John Beaumont witnesses the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin and Sacred Scripture on a convert’s path to Rome.

William Fahey writes “In Defense of a Paleo-Vacation”.

Fr. Benedict Kiely basks in “Gratitude and the Gospel Goodness of G. K. Chesterton”.

Stephen Tomlinson reviews Apostles of the Culture of Life by Donald DeMarco.

Lindsey Valancius reviews The Myth of an Anti-Science Church by Gerard M. Verschuuren.

Marie Dudzik reviews The Innocents and Other Stories by Gertrud von le Fort.

Plus new poetry by Molly Farinholt, Daniel Galef and Jane Greer.

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