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Grendel Among Us

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I taught Beowulf to my gifted high school seniors for many years. My students’ reaction to Grendel was immediate, predictable, revulsion. The first image to ponder is Grendel’s rage as he is excluded, night after night, from the singing and laughter in Hrothgar’s hall. Excluded. Night after night after night. As his rage grows, so do his atrocities. It is not difficult to transit from that image to a more familiar one: someone seen in the halls…

Seventy Years Calling Northside 777

Before joining in March, 1941, as a private in the United States Army Air Corps, James Stewart had made his name in Hollywood with several wholesome films, his name becoming a byword for the amiable and earnest young man who shows what is really important in life.  After two years training stateside and then two years flying twenty bombing missions over National Socialist Germany, Stewart, by then a highly decorated colonel, celebrated the end of…

Calling All Writers on Education

Ever since its launch a few short months ago, I have been the editor of the Journal of the Cardinal Newman Society. As such, I’d welcome articles on any education-related topic from a Catholic perspective. Details of how to submit articles to the Journal can be found here:  https://journal.newmansociety.org/submissions/

Faith & Culture

As director of the Faith & Culture initiative at the Augustine Institute (www.faithandculture.com), I am honoured to be the editor of a new magazine, entitled Faith & Culture. My editorial for the first issue has now been published by the Imaginative Conservative: http://www.theimaginativeconservative.org/2018/01/faith-and-culture-joseph-pearce.html

A Morning with Big Brother

My latest article for the Imaginative Conservative was inspired by a few hours in the unwelcome company of Big Brother at Dallas-Fort Worth airport: http://www.theimaginativeconservative.org/2018/02/morning-big-brother-joseph-pearce.html

Tolkien & C. S. Lewis Essay Contest

The announcement of a Tolkien and C. S. Lewis high school essay contest, which I am coordinating, has just been posted by the Journal of the Cardinal Newman Society. I’d be grateful were readers of the St. Austin Review to make it as widely known as possible. Here’s the link to the announcement:  https://journal.newmansociety.org/2018/02/announcing-tolkien-lewis-high-school-essay-contest/

Encouraging News from England

A friend has sent me this very encouraging video from England about a young man’s straying from the faith, imprisonment in Burma, and his reversion and subsequent ordination to the priesthood. It also shines forth his love for the Traditional Mass. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1hX8u86dZA&feature=youtu.be

Near Death Revisited

An abridged and edited version of my account of a near death experience that I had a couple of years ago, originally published in the Imaginative Conservative, has been published by the “Hour of Death” website: http://www.hourofourdeath.org/i-was-going-to-die/

An Interview on the War Poets

The exciting new online journal, Catholic Arts Today, has published an interview with me about my verse drama, Death Comes for the War Poets. Read it here: http://benedictinstitute.org/2018/01/death-comes-for-the-war-poets-the-joseph-pearce-interview/

G.K. Chesterton as a Pivotal Player

When someone asks where to begin reading G. K. Chesterton, it is like asking which door to go in along the Strand.  For just as the Strand offers entry to the Savoy Hotel and Twining’s tea shop, King’s College London and Nicholson’s Coal Hole, so does Chesterton admit of any number of approaches.  There is Chesterton the poet; Chesterton the novelist; Chesterton the newspaper columnist; Chesterton the biographer of Thomas Aquinas and Charles Dickens, Francis…

Freud and Shakespeare

My latest article for the Imaginative Conservative examines how Freudianism defrauds Shakespeare: http://www.theimaginativeconservative.org/2018/01/sigmund-freud-sophocles-shakespeare-abuse-joseph-pearce.html

The Universal Quest for Holiness

The video of the talk that I gave at last summer’s C. S. Lewis Conference in Oxford has now been uploaded: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3HwHDNdBzc&list=PLmQhV_MG0VNnbDyZ-CEe2Z7B6ejMR0q2Z&index=2