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Teaching Romeo and Juliet in Catholic Schools

The egregious manner in which Romeo and Juliet is mistaught in most schools is one of the worst examples of the heinous sin of Shakespeare-abuse. In this brief article I offer guidelines on the correct way to teach this tragedy on the theme of unbridled passion. https://newmansociety.org/teaching-romeo-and-juliet-in-catholic-schools/

Walking with C. S. Lewis

In a recent article for Faith and Culture I muse on how perambulations can become pilgrimages. https://www.faithandculture.com/home/2018/7/26/walking-with-c-s-lewis

The Dangers of Free Market Globalism

Some time ago, I took place in a public debate at the Acton Institute about the rights and wrongs of the so-called free market. Here is my opening salvo in that debate: http://www.theimaginativeconservative.org/2018/07/distributism-vs-free-market-globalism-joseph-pearce.html

Seeking Freedom and Solidarity

After copies of my book Small is Still Beautiful were circulated to members of the American Solidarity Party I agreed to answer their questions. Here are some of my replies: http://www.theimaginativeconservative.org/2018/08/seeking-freedom-solidarity-joseph-pearce.html

Education for Dummies

Many years ago, G. K. Chesterton prophesied that the coming peril would be standardization by a low standard. America’s common core has proved him right: https://newmansociety.org/americas-common-core-standardization-by-a-low-standard/

A Walk Through Walsingham

EWTN has just released a half-hour video of a walk through Walsingham in which I converse about England and her faith with StAR columnist Kevin Turley. https://youtu.be/HA-CscQuHXE

Science versus Scientism

Why is the cave man superior to the modern progressive? The latest article of mine published in the National Catholic Register offers an answer: http://www.ncregister.com/blog/josephpearce/science-versus-scientism

Love and Tolerance

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Recently our young Polish priest gave a homily about love. I have to say that whenever someone wants to talk authoritatively about love, I tune out. Too often, it seems that it’s the people who talk most about love who know least about it.  Love is like dancing or swimming.  It’s learned only by doing. You can read all you want to about swimming, but you’ll never learn to swim without getting in the water.…