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Holy Heroes Honoured by St. John Paul II

This brief essay lists some of my favourite saints and blesseds amongst those raised to the altar during the pontificate of St. John Paul II: http://www.ncregister.com/blog/josephpearce/holy-heroes-raised-to-the-altar-by-st.-john-paul-ii

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

My latest essay for Faith & Culture‘s “Adages” feature looks at the origin of the phrase “standing on the shoulders of giants”, usually and erroneously attributed to Sir Isaac Newton: https://www.faithandculture.com/home/2019/2/12/standing-on-the-shoulders-of-giants

The Age of Chesterton & Belloc

In the fourth part of a six-part podcast lecture series on the Catholic Literary Revival, published weekly by Faith & Culture, I focus on the “Chesterbelloc Period”: https://www.faithandculture.com/home/2019/02/18-the-chesterbelloc-period

Wormtongue’s Revenge

I’m prophesying that the forthcoming film, Tolkien, will present the sort of perversion of the truth of which Wormtongue himself would be proud: https://theimaginativeconservative.org/2019/02/tolkien-film-joseph-pearce.html

What’s New in the Inner Sanctum

The Inner Sanctum of my personal website jpearce.co is the place where donor-subscribers support my work by signing up for exclusive content. Please consider joining the Inner Sanctum and becoming part of my inner circle of friends. Those in the Inner Sanctum have access to a series of 45 audio lectures on Tolkien and Lewis, released weekly, as well as dozens of essays from my archives, unavailable anywhere else. We have also posted the rough cut of…

Evolution: A Confession

What about all those missing links? Why are they still missing? http://www.ncregister.com/blog/josephpearce/the-evolution-controversy-on-the-links-that-are-missing

Light Amid the Ruins

Why is the cult of “progress” so deadly? And how is literature the dissident voice exposing the tyranny of progressivism? Here are my musings on the way that literature serves as a light amid the ruins of modernity: https://www.faithandculture.com/home/2019/2/14/-light-amid-the-ruins

So—At What Point Is It Person Enough?

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The recent passage of New York’s radical new law permitting abortion up until the beginning of labor was shocking, but more shocking still were the cheers of the lawmakers when the governor signed the bill into law. Even people who were barely lukewarm in their pro-life sentiments were horrified by such an enthusiastic reception of the law. I could not help but wonder, however, at the pro-life horror as much as I wondered at the…

Faith & Fairy Stories

Faith & Fairy Stories The new issue of the St. Austin Review is winging its way to the printer. Highlights of the March/April issue include: William Randall Lancaster illustrates and alliterates “Faith, Fact and Fairy Tale”. Sean Fitzpatrick finds fact fusing with fantasy in “A Teacher’s Tale”. Michael Kurek discusses the inspiration for his 2nd Symphony, “Tales from the Realm of Faerie”. Jacob Pride finds “Beauty and the Beast: Fixed and Flowing”. Maria Devlin McNair tells of “The…

Passionate Reason versus Romantic Feeling

What is Love? Is it merely a feeling, something essentially fleeting and ultimately irrational, as ungraspable as a cloud and as subject to the winds of change? Or is it something altogether more substantial, something Divine, which holds the very secret of the meaning of life? Read on: https://theimaginativeconservative.org/2019/02/true-love-passionate-reason-versus-romantic-feeling-joseph-pearce.html