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Faith, Reason, and Story

In the first of a series of podcasts based on my new book, Literature: What Every Catholic Should Know, I look at the connection between faith, reason and story: https://www.faithandculture.com/home/2019/07/15-faith-reason-story

Does Pride Poison Art?

Is good art the product of a virtuous or baptized imagination and is art poisoned by pride? I tackle these questions in an essay published in the Catholic Herald: https://catholicherald.co.uk/magazine/pride-is-the-enemy-of-great-art/

The Classical Muse

What is the classical muse and, more to the point, what isn’t it? Here are my musings on these questions: https://www.faithandculture.com/home/2019/7/3/the-classical-muse

The English Resistance

The National Catholic Register has just published my tribute to the English Catholic Resistance to the tyranny and terror of the Tudors: http://www.ncregister.com/blog/josephpearce/recusants-and-martyrs-who-resisted-englands-tudor-terror

Reasons to be Cheerful

Are things as bad as they seem, or is there cause for hope and joy in our darkening world?  https://theimaginativeconservative.org/2019/07/reasons-be-cheerful-joseph-pearce.html

Evolution of God 

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Atheists are fond of suggesting that we create God in our own image. In fact, the mean old white-bearded god of judgment learned in some people’s childhood is the reason they give for dismissing belief in God. (Actually, of course, any reason will do if you decide not to believe.) But it does seem that as we evolve, so does God. He seems so much more complicated as we age. We can perhaps remember, as…

After Shakespeare

Here’s my survey of English literature from 1616, the year of Shakespeare’s death, until 1800: https://www.faithandculture.com/home/2019/7/4-after-shakespeare-english-literature-from-1616-to-1800

The Hidden Treasures of the Inner Sanctum

The Inner Sanctum of my personal website has now been live and active for eight months. This means that there are now around 120 exclusive pieces of content available to those who support my work by becoming donor-subscribers. This content includes weekly 30-minute lectures on Tolkien and Lewis, 35 of which have been posted already with a further 10 due for posting in the weeks ahead. There are dozens of essays on multifarious topics related to faith, reason,…

Recommended Reading for the Catacombs

It is necessary to leave the polluted mainstream if one wants to discover the best in contemporary Christian literature: https://theimaginativeconservative.org/2019/06/knight-of-the-holy-ghost-dale-ahlquist-gk-chesterton-joseph-pearce.html

Chesterton the Crusader

Here’s my review of Dale Ahlquist’s new book on G. K. Chesterton: https://theimaginativeconservative.org/2019/06/knight-of-the-holy-ghost-dale-ahlquist-gk-chesterton-joseph-pearce.html