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May/June Issue - Tolkien Sample Content from Our Latest Issue May/June Table of Contents Sample Article “Deep Roots are Not Reached by the Frost”: Tolkien and the Welsh Language — Stephen Brady J. R. R. Tolkien was intensely conscious that he was English, indeed West Mercian. His legendarium, of which The Lord of the Rings is [...]


Lenten Illuminations: The Light of the Cross


March/April Issue - Lenten Illuminations: The Light of the Cross Sample Content from Our Latest Issue March/April Table of Contents Sample Article Woman of Israel: Authentic Femininity at the Foot of the Cross — Sr. Joseph Andrew Bogdanowicz, OP In 1939, shortly before the Nazi invasion of Poland that would spark the Second World War, Sr. [...]

Lenten Illuminations: The Light of the Cross2021-02-17T13:11:48-05:00

The New Puritans and the War on Comedy


Pride and Prejudice go hand-in-hand but so do Pride and Priggishness. Here's how the New Puritans are killing comedy in the name of political correctness....

The New Puritans and the War on Comedy2021-05-11T01:26:21-04:00

Defending the Church in China


For three weeks on the FORMED Book Club I've been discussing Cardinal Zen's book on the Church in China with Father Fessio and Vivian Dudro of Ignatius Press. Here are links to all three episodes....

Defending the Church in China2021-05-07T00:15:46-04:00

Einstein on Education


What did the last century's greatest scientist have to say about education? The answer will be surprising to many....

Einstein on Education2021-05-07T00:13:23-04:00

Hitler Seduces Marx


Who'd have thought that Hitler and Marx had so much in common....

Hitler Seduces Marx2021-05-05T22:43:23-04:00

George Will at Eighty


As George F. Will turns eighty, it bears noting that just as Whig writers in the eighteenth century learned their craft by studying the essays of Joseph Addison, so, too, have American conservative writers honed their writing skills by reading the columns of George Will.  While Will’s authorial elegance and insight have been influences on many [...]

George Will at Eighty2021-04-27T05:53:30-04:00

Sculptures in Sound


The National Catholic Register has published an adaptation of the foreword that I wrote for Michael Kurek's wonderful book, The Sound of Beauty....

Sculptures in Sound2021-05-02T17:21:51-04:00
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