New Issue: Women and the Word


July/August 2022 Issue – Women and the Word: The Feminine Voice in Christian Culture Sample Content from Our Latest Issue Table of Contents Sample Article A Mighty Voice for Virtue: Hrotsvitha's Paphnutius and the Baptism of Classical Drama My wife and I were married on September 11th—a day, as our priest recalled, quite infamous in [...]

New Issue: Women and the Word2022-06-23T08:23:09-05:00

Playing Leapfrog with History


How did cultural movements in the nineteenth century play leapfrog with the Enlightenment? Playing Leapfrog with History - Joseph Pearce (

Playing Leapfrog with History2022-08-06T22:40:28-05:00

Thursday in a Nutshell


Joseph Pearce puts Chesterton's most famous novel in a nutshell... Thursday in a Nutshell - Joseph Pearce (

Thursday in a Nutshell2022-08-03T17:17:09-05:00

Reality is Multiple


Back in the 1980s, I was living in New Orleans in one side of a double shotgun on Dante Street. The other side was occupied by Don, a psychiatrist who played lovely classical piano when he was depressed. Don and I went out a few times, but nothing serious ever happened between us, not even a [...]

Reality is Multiple2022-08-03T17:12:55-05:00

Was Chesterton Wrong About Impressionism?


Was Chesterton Wrong About Impressionism? Joseph Pearce discusses Chesterton's view of Impressionism... Impressionism and the Floorless Universe - Joseph Pearce (

Was Chesterton Wrong About Impressionism?2022-07-29T02:27:20-05:00

What is Christendom?


Joseph Pearce on what Christendom is and what it isn't... What is Christendom? - Joseph Pearce (

What is Christendom?2022-07-29T02:24:53-05:00

The Church and the Pagans


Discussing paganism and Christendom with Joseph Pearce, Father Fessio and Vivian Dudro... The Church and the Pagans - Joseph Pearce (

The Church and the Pagans2022-07-29T02:23:52-05:00

C. S. Lewis for Grown-Ups


Joseph Pearce muses on the wisdom to be found in the fiction of C. S. Lewis...  C. S. Lewis for Grown-Ups - Joseph Pearce (

C. S. Lewis for Grown-Ups2022-07-22T23:48:25-05:00
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