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Cardenio Becoming Girl Shy


For thirty summers the Harrisburg Shakespeare Festival (now Company) has performed in Harrisburg’s Reservoir Park. On a hill several blocks to the east of Pennsylvania’s capitol building and of the Susquehanna River, the park is an idyllic setting for Shakespeare’s plays, especially his comedies. A notable experiment occurred in 1999, when the troupe produced The Taming [...]

Cardenio Becoming Girl Shy2024-06-20T18:31:29-05:00

Stepping Out of Chesterton’s Shadow


by Sir James Gunn, oil on canvas, 1932 Who is the mysterious novelist, a great friend of Chesterton and Belloc, who is now unjustly neglected? Stepping Out from Chesterton's Shadow - Joseph Pearce (

Stepping Out of Chesterton’s Shadow2024-06-18T16:46:38-05:00

Why Read Books?


In the age of the personal device, what's the point of books? Why Read Books? - Joseph Pearce (

Why Read Books?2024-06-18T16:44:52-05:00

Three Unsung Popes


Celebrating three popes who should be better known... Three Unsung Popes - Joseph Pearce (

Three Unsung Popes2024-06-18T02:18:07-05:00

A New Video Series with Joseph Pearce


Announcing a new series of interviews with Joseph Pearce putting literature "in a nutshell"... Announcing a New Series on Literature - Joseph Pearce (

A New Video Series with Joseph Pearce2024-06-18T02:14:47-05:00

Sense and Nonsense


Joseph Pearce discusses the works of Jonathan Swift, Jane Austen and Mary Shelley on EWTN... Sense and Nonsense - Joseph Pearce (

Sense and Nonsense2024-06-18T02:08:29-05:00

Return of the Ring


As Peter Jackson's film version of The Lord of the Rings returns to movie theatres, it's important to remember that Tolkien's epic is a fundamentally Catholic work... Return of the Ring - Joseph Pearce (

Return of the Ring2024-06-18T02:07:13-05:00
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