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New Issue: Europe of the Faith


November/December 2022 Issue – Europe of the Faith Sample Content from Our Latest Issue Table of Contents Sample Article Queen Elizabeth II: A Eulogy The following eulogy was given following a solemn Requiem Mass for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Prince of Peace Catholic Church in Taylors, South Carolina, on September 23, 2022. On September [...]

New Issue: Europe of the Faith2022-11-01T23:46:12-05:00

One Day in Prison with Solzhenitsyn


Joseph Pearce puts Solzhenitsyn's great novel of prison life into a proverbial nutshell... One Day in Prison with Solzhenitsyn - Joseph Pearce (

One Day in Prison with Solzhenitsyn2022-12-04T16:26:11-06:00

Fictional Saints and Sinners


Joseph Pearce discusses some of the great sinners and even greater saints in great literature... Fictional Saints and Sinners - Joseph Pearce (

Fictional Saints and Sinners2022-12-04T16:24:14-06:00

The Delusion of Miss Jean Brodie


Has anyone noticed that the woman is completely delusional? Apparently, Muriel Spark meant her fictional teacher Miss Jean Brodie to be an endearing yet tragic figure, but a character so ridiculously self-important would try anyone’s patience. “I am in my prime,” Brodie tells her students, all girls beginning adolescence, and explains, “You are benefiting by my [...]

The Delusion of Miss Jean Brodie2022-12-01T15:41:36-06:00

Masks versus Faces


Joseph Pearce unmasks the meaning of C. S. Lewis's Till We Have Faces... Masks versus Faces - Joseph Pearce (

Masks versus Faces2022-12-01T15:32:32-06:00

Dante’s Holy Women


Joseph Pearce admires the heavenly beauty of the feminine presence in The Divine Comedy... Dante's Holy Women - Joseph Pearce (

Dante’s Holy Women2022-11-20T19:16:16-06:00

Is Technology an Enemy of Art?


Joseph Pearce considers whether art and technology are friends or enemies... Art and Technology: Friends or Enemies? - Joseph Pearce (

Is Technology an Enemy of Art?2022-11-18T18:51:48-06:00
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