Meeting Solzhenitsyn Part Two


The second part of my article offering memories of my meeting with Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn at his home in Russia in 1998....

Meeting Solzhenitsyn Part Two2021-08-23T22:26:54-05:00

Discussing Chesterton, Solzhenitsyn and More


Here's a video interview I gave to an organization in Brazil. It is introduced in Portuguese but the interview itself is in English with Portuguese subtitles....

Discussing Chesterton, Solzhenitsyn and More2021-08-23T22:24:38-05:00

Homage to Dante


Homage to Dante (1321-2021)  The new issue of the St. Austin Review will be winging its way to subscribers next week. Highlights of this issue, which pays homage to Dante on the 700th anniversary of his death, include:  Sculptor Timothy Schmalz enfleshes The Divine Comedy in bronze, his work illustrating the whole issue. James Sale gives “three reasons for celebrating The Divine [...]

Homage to Dante2021-08-23T22:21:18-05:00

Homage to Dante 1321–2021


September/October Issue – Homage to Dante 1321–2021 Sample Content from Our Latest Issue September/October Table of Contents Sample Article Dante: Into the Real — Mary Gerardi Taylor Many critics, as well as writers of more popular articles, books, and blog posts, had the life-changing experience of being introduced to Dante’s Comedy for the first time as [...]

Homage to Dante 1321–20212021-08-17T15:40:53-05:00
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