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Quest and Pilgrimage


An opportunity to watch the episode on medieval literature from Joseph Pearce's series for EWTN on Great Books Every Catholic Should Know... Quest and Pilgrimage - Joseph Pearce (

Quest and Pilgrimage2024-04-08T00:40:08-05:00

A Hobbit Comes Home


Father Dwight Longenecker's journey to Rome via Narnia and Middle-earth... A Hobbit Comes Home - Joseph Pearce (

A Hobbit Comes Home2024-04-02T00:40:41-05:00

Golgotha in the Light of the Resurrection


About 1400.Österreichisch-Böhmisch (?).Gemäldegalerie.Kat.Nr.1662 Why we should keep the place of the skull in our sights, even in the light of the Resurrection... Going to Golgotha - Joseph Pearce (

Golgotha in the Light of the Resurrection2024-03-31T03:07:29-05:00

Jesus Entering Our Jerusalem


One of the Gospels to be read for Palm Sunday is Mark 11:1-10. It is a well-known passage, perhaps too well known, recounting Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Usually it serves as a warning about how fickle crowds can be, joyously hailing Jesus as a king foretold by the prophets but within a week angrily calling [...]

Jesus Entering Our Jerusalem2024-03-28T02:44:33-05:00

Till We Have Faces


Joseph Pearce unmasks Till We Have Faces by C. S. Lewis... Till We Have Faces - Joseph Pearce (

Till We Have Faces2024-03-28T03:17:09-05:00

From Thames to Tiber


Two rivers to cross.... Joseph Pearce recalls his journey from a lawless youth in London to the timeless truth of Rome... From Thames to Tiber - Joseph Pearce (

From Thames to Tiber2024-03-27T03:25:32-05:00

From Hatred to the Quest for Holiness


Joseph Pearce in conversation with Howard Rankin about his journey from racial hatred to rational love and the quest for spiritual health and holiness... From Hatred to Health and the Quest for Holiness - Joseph Pearce (

From Hatred to the Quest for Holiness2024-03-22T12:19:33-05:00
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